Unique Considerations of the Female Athlete 1st Edition
Michael Brunet
ISBN-13: 9781401897819 | ISBN-10: 1401897819
© 2009 | Published |  368  Pages

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Research shows that women athletes perform better when their unique considerations and differences are addressed in training and rehabilitation. Unique Considerations of the Female Athlete is written to help improve performance in women athletes and improve the safety and well-being of women participating in sporting events. Specifically, this book presents the strategies for identifying risk factors, preventing injury, and rehabilitating problems or injuries.

  • Section 1 Introduction to the Female Athlete; Chapter 1 Women and Sport Participation; Chapter 2 Gender Differences in Anatomy; Chapter 3 Performance Eating for the Female Athlete; Section 2 Understanding the Female Athlete Triad; Chapter 4 The Female Athlete Triad; Chapter 5 Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating; Chapter 6 Amenorrhea and the Physiology of the Menstrual Cycle; Chapter 7 Osteoporosis in the Female Athlete; Section 3 Managing the Athlete with an Eating Disorder; Chapter 8 Components of an Eating Disorder Program; Chapter 9 Development of the Eating Disorder Policy Chapter 10 Development of the Eating Disorder Referral Program; Chapter 11 Screening Tools for Eating Disorders; Chapter 12 The Role of the Certified Athletic Trainer in Managing Athletes with Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders; Section 4 Anatomical and Physiological Characteristics Unique to the Female Athlete; Chapter 13 Cardiac Complications Related to Eating Disorders; Chapter 14 Exercise and Fertility in the Female Athlete; Chapter 15 Core Stabilization for the Female Athlete; Chapter 16 Anemia and the Female Athlete; Chapter 17 Anterior Cruciate Ligamentous Issues

    • Recognition of anatomical differences predisposing women to specific injuries
    • Strategies aimed at identification of risk and injury prevention
    • Discussion of proper nutrition to improve performance
    • A strong emphasis on the female athlete triad and disordered eating
    • Tools and strategies to identify, manage, and prevent the female athlete triad
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    • Instructor’s Manual for Brunet’s Special Needs of the Female Athlete
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