Perspectives on Branding 1st Edition
Jason Miletsky | Genevieve Smith
ISBN-13: 9781598638721 | ISBN-10: 1598638726
© 2010 | Published |  276  Pages

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Who’s the real branding expert: the agency or the brand? Each has a different approach to what brand building's really all about and the methods needed to generate consumer loyalty. Each approaches brand building strategies from a different angle - a different perspective - and without understanding both points of view, the picture is never fully complete. Perspectives on Branding is the first book to offer both sides of the story. In an easy-to-read, question/answer format, Jason Miletsky provides the agency perspective while Genevieve Smith gives the brand point of view on topics including what a brand actually is (not many people really get it, operationalizing the brand and making it tangible, successfully marketing the brand, the best ways to measure results, which brands do it right, and which brands do it wrong and a whole lot more. What makes this book different from other branding books is that there is no author collaboration or sharing of information during the writing process. Neither author was aware of what the other was writing. The result is a fascinating, no-holds-barred look at branding as both the client and brand see it, leaving readers with a list of action items and a better understanding of core brand building concepts to dramatically improve their strategies.

  • Part One: Understanding the Brand.
    Part Two: Operationalizing the Brand.
    Part Three: Marketing the Brand.
    Part Four: Brand Evaluation and Evolution.
    Part Five: Just for Fun.
    Closing Remarks.

    • Tackles the subject of branding from both the client and agency points of view.
    • The authors are respected authorities on branding.
    • Point/Counterpoint, conversational style makes for a fun, entertaining read.
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    • Jay Miletsky is CEO and executive creative director of Mango(formerly PFS Marketwyse), a leading marketing communications agency in the New York metro area. His marketing work has included successful consultation and campaigns for companies including Hershey's, AmerisourceBergen, Emerson Electric, JVC, The Michael C. Fina Company, and more. Miletsky is a featured speaker for numerous companies and seminars as well as a guest lecturer for universities. He is the author of 10 books, including Perspectives on Marketing and Perspectives on Branding, and he blogs regularly at and You can follow him on Twitter at

      Genevieve Smith was the chief marketing
      officer at Washington Mutual.
      Her broad responsibilities included
      brand management, advertising,
      customer optimization, e-commerce, line of business,
      and corporate marketing. Together with her
      marketing teams, Smith has earned numerous
      communications-industry awards, including the
      2003 Cannes International Festival Silver Lion,
      the AMA Gold Effie, a Clio, and the AdWeek 1st
      Place Out of Home Award. Advertising Age magazine
      named her among the Top 50 Marketers of
      2006, making Smith the only CMO of a bank to
      be included in the prestigious list.