Chinese Food Carving 1st Edition
Cao Nai-sheng
ISBN-13: 9789814253321 | ISBN-10: 9814253324
© 2009 | Published |  0  Pages

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Food carving is a unique art form that integrates cooking, painting, and carving. It works on hard materials such as vegetables, melons, and fruits as well as soft materials like flour, sugar, and butter using such tools as fillet knife, scraper knife, and scooping knife. This book is a choice collection of food carvings done by Mr. Cao Nai-Sheng.

  • Carved Flowers.
    Assembled Flowers.
    Appliqué Flowers.
    Melon Pots and Melon Lanterns.
    Fruit and Vegetable Sculptures.
    Imitations of Antiques.
    Jelly Sculptures.
    Butter Sculptures.
    Bean Curd Sculptures.
    Flour Dough Sculptures.
    Foam Sculptures.

    • Written by Cai Nai-Sheng, gold medal winner of international food carving contests
    • An excellent presentation of author’s superb skills in painting and carving
    • Sharing tips for creating art out of the ordinary
    • A feast for the eyes
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    • Cao Nai-sheng was born in Huoqiu, Anhui Province, China. He is currently employed by Anhui Jinyuegang Hotel as a Senior Master in Arts and Crafts and Senior Chef in Chinese Cuisine. Mr. Cao is a highly accomplished artist in painting, food cutting and carving with special materials, cold dish presentation, flour dough sculpture, and flower making. He has won several top awards in various national and international culinary art contests, including the gold medal for food carving in the Fifth International Contest for Chinese Cuisine. He has been accredited as a Master in Food Carving, No. 1 Bean Curd Sculptor in China, and Pioneer in Color Painting on Melon Pots, thanks to his unique and superb food cuttings and carvings, especially his bean curd sculptures and relief color painting on melon pots.