Athletic Training Clinical Education Guide 1st Edition
Tim Laurent
ISBN-13: 9781435453609 | ISBN-10: 1435453603
© 2010 | Published |  250  Pages

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Master clinical competencies with this unique resource. Athletic Training Clinical Education Guide provides tools to be used throughout training to test knowledge, review, and hone hands on skills. Correlated to the Fourth Edition of the Athletic Training Educational Competencies, Athletic Training Clinical Education Guide provides a structured format for goal setting, reflection, skills verification, and journaling. Critical concepts are highlighted and guided questions are used to launch discussions and apply critical thinking skills allowing the user to apply knowledge in real world situations.

  • Section 1 - USING THIS BOOK.
    Chapter 1. How to use this book.
    Chapter 2. What is reflection?
    Chapter 3. Sample Reflection Assignments and Assessment Rubrics.
    Chapter 4. Foundational Behaviors of Professional Practice.
    Chapter 5. Risk Management and Injury Prevention.
    Chapter 6. Pathology of Injuries and Illnesses.
    Chapter 7. Orthopedic Clinical Examination and Diagnosis.
    Chapter 8. Medical Conditions and Disabilities.
    Chapter 9. Acute Care of Injuries and Illnesses.
    Chapter 10. Therapeutic Modalities.
    Chapter 11. Conditioning and Rehabilitative Exercise.
    Chapter 12. Pharmacology.
    Chapter 13. Psychosocial Intervention and Referral.
    Chapter 14. Nutritional Aspects of Injuries and Illness.
    Chapter 15. Health Care Administration.
    Chapter 16. Professional Development and Responsibilities.
    Chapter 17. Muscles.
    Chapter 18. Palpable Structures.
    Chapter 19. Nerves.
    Chapter 20. Assessment Tests.
    Chapter 21. Concussion Symptoms.
    Chapter 22. Range of Motion.
    Chapter 23. Abbreviations - People, Policy and Organizations.
    Chapter 24. Medical Conditions.
    Chapter 25. Abbreviations and Symbols.
    Chapter 26. Physiological Values.
    Chapter 27. Concept Maps of Anatomical Systems.
    Section 4 - SCORING RUBRICS.

    • Checklists for athletic training skills.
    • Quick reference material to be accessed during clinical experiences.
    • Assessment frameworks to track progress.
    • Activities and questions to encourage analysis and problem solving.
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