The Dessert Architect 1st Edition
Robert Wemischner
ISBN-13: 9781428311770 | ISBN-10: 1428311777
© 2010 | Published |  448  Pages

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A complete guide to building versatile and creative desserts, The Dessert Architect offers valuable insight into developing a well-balanced dessert menu and modern plating techniques while featuring 50 detailed multicomponent recipes that can be mixed and matched for endless combinations.

This landmark work offers suggestions for pairing beverages with desserts, sources for ingredients, and an overview of essential tools and equipment. Its wealth of recipes is thoughtfully organized by main ingredient for easy retrieval. Full-color photographs of each completed dessert—along with step-by-step process shots—serve as a visual reference for the major techniques used in the recipes.

The Dessert Architect is an invaluable resource for professional pastry programs and a source of inspiration for chefs worldwide.

  • Preface.
    1. The Four Cornerstones.
    2. Ingredients and Equipment.
    3. Creating a Dessert Menu.
    4. Plating.
    5. Beverage Pairings.
    6. Desserts.
    Appendix A. Resources for Ingredients.
    Appendix B. Web Sites Useful to the Pastry Chef.
    Appendix C. Organizations Offering Continuing Education Opportunities.
    Appendix D. Important Temperatures for the Pastry Chef.

    • Provides guidance on creating a well-balanced dessert menu with 50 versatile and creative multi-component desserts.
    • Divides recipes by the category of the main ingredient for easy retrieval.
    • Contains full color photos of the completed desserts, along with step-by-step process shots for the major techniques used in the recipes.
    • Provides suggestions for pairing beverages with desserts, sources for ingredients and essential tools and equipment.
    • Supplements the basic textbooks used in professional pastry programs nationwide.
    • "I like the recipe card idea. I feel the author did an excellent job in describing the text. The proposed chapters contained all relevant categories. I feel the proposed order of topics is well thought out and follows the natural progression that is conductive to the way I would teach the class. The tasting chart is a great tool. It seems the author has this topic covered. I feel that this project would be an excellent addition to professional cooking schools." Lisa Inlow, Saddleback College

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    • Robert Wemischner is a pastry chef and culinary educator whose long-standing interest in the flavor potential of ingredients has culminated in The Dessert Architect, his fourth culinary book. Robert’s career has ranged from a pioneering gourmet-to-go shop to freelance food writing — he is a regular contributor to Food Arts and Pastry Art and Design, among others — and from France to California. For the past 18 years, he has taught baking and pastry at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. Robert frequently consults with those in the food service industry and is a regular presenter at professional organizations, including the International Association of Food Professionals, Retailers Bakery Association, and Women Chefs and Restaurateurs.