Finite Elements Methods for Engineers 1st Edition
U.S. Dixit
ISBN-13: 9789814272902 | ISBN-10: 9814272906
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Finite Element Methods For Engineers is designed to serve as a textbook for a first course in the finite element method (FEM) for undergraduate and postgraduate students of engineering. It provides an insight into the theory and application of FEM. The book introduces the reader to FEM as a mathematical tool and covers the application of the method to mechanical and civil engineering problems. Beginning with an introduction to calculus of variations, the book goes on to describe Ritz and Galerkin FEM formulations and one-, two-, and three-dimensional FEM formulations. Application of the method to bending of beams, trusses, and frames, and problems of plane stress and plane strain, free vibration, plate, and time history are also included. Discussions on advanced topics such as FEM formulation of flow problems, error analysis in FEM, and non-linear FEM make for a complete introductory text. Inclusion of topics such as approximation methods for solving differential equations, numerical integration, and methods for solving FEM problems on a computer enhance the utility of the book. The book has been written in a simple and comprehensible manner to enable students to grasp important concepts easily. A number of solved problems and illustrations (in colour where required) have been incorporated to aid in the study of relevant topics. A large number of objective questions and exercises have also been included to test the students’ understanding of FEM and its applications.

  • 1. Finite Element Method: A Quick Introduction.
    2. Introduction to Calculus of Variations
    3. Approximation Methods for Solving Differential Equations.
    4. Ritz and Galerkin FEM Formulations.
    5. One-Dimensional FEM Formulations.
    6. FEM Formulation for Bending of Beams.
    7. FEM Formulation for Trusses and Frames.
    8. Introduction to Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional FEM.
    9. Numerical Integration.
    10. Two-dimensional FEM: Detailed Discussion.
    11. FEM Formulation for Plane Stress and Plane Strain Problems.
    12. FEM Formulation for Free Vibration Problems.
    13. FEM Formulation for Time-History Problems
    14. FEM Formulation for Plate Problems.
    15. Introduction to Non-Linear FEM.
    16. FEM Formulation for Flow Problems.
    17. Error Analysis in FEM.
    18. Solving FEM Problems on a Computer.
    19. Miscellaneous Topics.

    • Discusses in a lucid manner the application of FEM for solving equations governing important physical systems
    • Incorporates a large number of illustrations and solved problems for easy and clear understanding of concepts
    • Contains a large number of review problems that aid in grasping important topics
    • Includes discussions on advanced topics such as flow problems and non-linear FEM
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    • A Phd from IIT Kanpur, U. S. Dixit is currently Professor and Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Guwahati. He has over a decade of teaching experience and has contributed several papers to journals of national and international repute. His areas of research interest include design and manufacturing, FEM, neural networks, fuzzy set applications, and mechatronics.