Introduction to Sports Medicine and Athletic Training 2nd Edition
Robert C France, CSMT, RSMT
ISBN-13: 9781435464360 | ISBN-10: 1435464362
© 2011 | Published |  720  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781401811990

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INTRODUCTION TO SPORTS MEDICINE & ATHLETIC TRAINING 2E is designed for individuals interested in athletics and the medical needs of athletes. It is the first full-concept book around which an entire course can be created. This book covers sports medicine, athletic training and anatomy and physiology in an easy to understand format that allows the reader to grasp functional concepts of the human body and then apply this knowledge to sports medicine and athletic training. Comprehensive chapters on nutrition, sports psychology, kinesiology and therapeutic modalities are included. Instructors will appreciate both the depth of the material covered in this unique book and the ease in which it is presented.

    1. Sports Medicine: The Multidisciplinary Approach to Athletic Health Care.
    2. Athletic Training.
    3. The Central Training Room.
    4. The Athletic Training Student Aide Program.
    5. Emergency Preparedness: Injury Game Plan.
    6. The Pre-Participation Physical Examination.
    7. Prehabilitation and Preseason Conditioning.
    8. Nutrition and the Athlete.
    9. Dietary Supplements and Performance Enhancers.
    10. Sports Psychology.
    11. Assessment and Evaluation of Sports Injuries.
    12. Therapeutic Physical Modalities.
    13. Taping and Wrapping.
    14. Kinesiology.
    15. Bleeding and Shock.
    16. The Bones and Soft Tissues.
    17. The Foot, Ankle, and Lower Leg.
    18. The Knee.
    19. The Hip and Pelvis.
    20. The Elbow, Wrist, and Hand.
    21. The Shoulder.
    22. The Chest and Abdomen.
    23. The Head and Face.
    24. The Spine.
    25. Special Considerations in Athletes.

    • Follows the six domains of athletic training: prevention; recognition; evaluation and assessment; immediate care; treatment; rehabilitation and reconditioning; organization and administration; and professional development and responsibility.
    • Contains a more thorough depth and coverage of anatomy and physiology.
    • Offers discussion and insight into a wide range of careers related to Sports Medicine.
    • Instructor Resources CD-ROM with an Instructor's Manual, Instructor Slides created with PowerPoint® that include full-color images and 3-D animations, and an ExamView® Computerized Testbank.
    • Includes the newest, cutting-edge facts and advances in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training.
    • Ancillary materials, including seven newly developed 3-D animations visually present AC sprain and rotator cuff injury, ACL sprain, inversion sprain, hamstring strain, taping of the ankle and Achilles tendon, and head injuries with a focus on concussions.
    • StudyWARE™ CD-ROM provides interactive practice through quizzes and activities.
    • The Online Companion includes 3-D animations and slides created in PowerPoint®
  • Reviewer's Quote: I would absolutely recommend the adoption of the new edition of this book! I really like this textbook. I think it has great information that is presented in an easy to follow format that is welcoming for entry level fitness professionals. - Kasey M. Lloyd, M.S., Program Director, Keiser University, Lakeland Campus, Sports Medicine & Fitness Technology

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  • Instructors Resource Center with CD for France' Introduction to Sports Medicine and Athletic Training
    ISBN-10: 1435464370 | ISBN-13:9781435464377
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    The Instructor's Manual serves as an instructional resource and provides annotated lecture outlines with key concepts and key terms, suggested teaching strategies, answers to textbook review and workbook questions.

  • Robert C. France currently serves as a national consultant on Sports Medicine, Physical Education and Fitness Programs and is a certified and registered sports medicine trainer in the state of Washington. In 1996 he was selected as a member of the medical staff for the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. His many awards include his selection as National Sports Medicine Trainer of the Year and Teacher of the Year. Mr. France majored in Physical Education and Recreation at Pacific Lutheran University. His vast knowledge of sports medicine, physical education, and fitness training is the result of extensive training he has received at some of the finest universities across the United States and Europe. Mr. France is registered as an advanced instructor with the National Safety Council and has lectured throughout the United States and in Europe. He has instructed hundreds of high school, college and professionals in first aid and CPR and his training as an Emergency Medical Technician has helped him design and implement disaster preparedness programs.
    Mr. France’s unique three-year high school Sports Medicine program has been recognized nationally for its excellence in preparing students in the field of Sports Medicine and Athletic Training. Students who have graduated from his program are now physicians, physical therapists and athletic trainers throughout the United States. He has assisted dozens of high schools across the country in designing and implementing similar Sports Medicine programs.