90 Days to Success Marketing and Advertising Your Small Business 1st Edition
Mark Hoxie
ISBN-13: 9781435458284 | ISBN-10: 1435458281
© 2011 | Published |  288  Pages

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Regardless of the industry they are in, small business owners need to attract new business. 90 DAYS TO SUCCESS MARKETING AND ADVERTISING YOUR SMALL Business is designed to educate small business owners on the various forms of advertising that are available today, help them identify which forms are appropriate for their business and customer base, and how to develop marketing and advertising strategies with quantifiable (and highly profitable!) results. The book provides a blueprint for a successful, fiscally-sound marketing and advertising campaign that will yield profitable results for any small business within just 90 days. With this book and some common sense, you'll be able to make marketing decisions that can help your business weather the tough times and grow to new heights.

  • Introduction.
    1. Why Advertise?
    2. Identifying and Reaching your Key Customers and Clients.
    3. Overcoming your Objections.
    4. Assessing your Business.
    5. Advertising Mediums.
    6. Marketing to your Existing Customers.
    7. Negotiating & Contracts.
    8. Tracking Results.

    • Addresses a topic that most small business owners have little or no knowledge of and aids them in making educated, financially-sound decisions.
    • Empowers readers with a practical plan of action to achieve successful results from their advertising and marketing efforts.
    • Provides techniques are applicable to any business owner, regardless of industry.
    • Examines and explains all forms of advertising (e-marketing, radio, newspaper, television, magazine, etc.).
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    • Mark Hoxie began his professional career as an advertising sales representative for the yellow pages in Los Angeles. Within his first year, he was one of the top salespeople on the entire West Coast. After finding similar success in print, newspaper, radio, television, Internet, and direct-mail marketing, he returned to his hometown of Syracuse, New York, to save his family's ailing business. Using his newfound sales and marketing expertise, he brought the business back from the ashes. Currently, Mark works with sales teams and individual salespeople through his company, Hoxie Consulting (www.HoxieConsulting.com). He has helped hundreds of salespeople improve their sales careers through workshops, seminars, and individual consultations. Mark is the author of 90 DAYS TO SUCCESS MARKETING, 90 DAYS TO SUCCESS IN SALES and ADVERTISING YOUR SMALL BUSINESS.