Keyboarding Pro Deluxe 2 Student License 2nd Edition
Susie VanHuss | Connie Forde | Donna Woo
ISBN-13: 9780840053350 | ISBN-10: 0840053355
© 2011 | Published |  NA  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780538731287

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This interactive and engaging software combines new-key learning and skill building lessons with document production tools for Microsoft® Word 2010. An exciting addition to any keyboarding or word processing course, KEYBOARDING PRO DELUXE 2 builds skills, increases confidence, keeps students motivated to learn the essentials of keyboarding and word processing, and has interactive videos and 3-D animations to review proper hand and finger positions. KEYBOARDING PRO DELUXE 2 includes advanced features such as error diagnostics, error-checking of keystrokes and document formats, a reference guide with presentations of Word 2010 commands, coverage of language arts skills and document formats, communications skills review and activities, document format activities, and create a grade book. The Web Reporter feature enables you to create and manage classes and view student reports easily using a simple browser.

  • Lessons.
    Skill Building.
    Timed Writings.

    • The software can automatically evaluate documents created in Microsoft® Word 2010 for proper formatting and keystroke accuracy, giving students immediate, useful feedback on their work.
    • Multimedia presentations, interactive tutorials, and 3-D animations review proper hand and finger positions, commonly used Microsoft® Word 2010 commands, and basic communication skills, making it easy for students to master the keyboarding, word processing, and business communication skills they will need to succeed in a professional environment.
    • An error diagnostics tool tracks accuracy problems on all timed writings and recommends appropriate accuracy drills to help students improve.
    • Timed Writings are accessible from the main menu, and the Timed Writing Report displays the most recent timings, tracks the best ones, and links to the actual writing.
    • Basic student reports link to more detailed reports, making navigation simple and providing easy and timely access to useful information.
    • The gradebook lets you set parameters for grading timed writings, assignments, and production tests, simplifying and speeding up the grading process.
    • Alphabetic, Numeric, and Keypad lessons introduce students to keyboarding essentials and help them to build basic keyboarding skills.
    • Twenty additional speed and accuracy lessons (for a total of 40) help to reinforce and extend students' developing keyboarding skills.
    • The Quick Review feature includes numerous drills to improve technique and keyboarding skill.
    • Spanish audio instructions make it easier for Spanish-speaking students to understand instructions.
    • The software provides the option for checking timings, tests, and documents, including those you create specifically for your course.
    • A Reference module provides quick access to technique videos, communication skills, and Microsoft® Word 2010 command videos.
    • Available exclusively to Cengage Learning, CourseCare is a revolutionary program designed to provide you and your students with an unparalleled user experience with your Cengage Learning digital solution. CourseCare connects you with a team of training, service, and support experts to help you implement Keyboarding Pro DELUXE or Keyboarding Pro into your course. Real people dedicated to you, your students, and your course from the first day of class through final exams.
    • With Keyboarding Pro DELUXE 2, students can work at home, in computer labs, or in the classroom, and then easily transfer their files to you using their browser.
    • The Web Reporter feature gives you the flexibility and convenience of creating and managing your classes online and viewing students’ assignments. Students use their browser to upload their work from their home or school computer. You will be able to access student records and reports from anywhere. The Web Reporter feature makes it easy to stay current and coordinate information. The best part is it is completely FREE and currently available.
    • Keyboarding Pro DELUXE 2 now includes a built-in solution for handling the flash drive that makes it easy to create student records.
    • A new software utility provides assistance in installing the network software, enabling network administrators to add and configure the software correctly and easily.
    • The Timed Writing Report captures results from the last 40 Timed Writings to give you a timely snapshot of student performance and progress.
    • The software checks keystroke accuracy and document formats, including common commands such as fonts and spacing, as well as productivity tools such as merge and building blocks.
    • Keyboarding Pro DELUXE 2 supports both Microsoft® Word 2010 and 2007.
    • The gradebook now has new defaults for all production tests and assignments, providing an easy and accurate way to evaluate and track student progress.
    • Online reference videos provide helpful tips for using the software, making it easy to get started and get the most out of Keyboarding Pro DELUXE 2.
  • "I am very satisfied with the proposed new text. The scope and sequence of lessons are appropriate and logical. The additional software is a plus. The WebReporting is very valuable." - Martha Harpole, Hinds Community College

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  • Keyboarding Pro DELUXE 2 Site License (with DVD and User’s Guide)
    ISBN-10: 0840053193 | ISBN-13:9780840053190
    List Price = 1,942.95
    This software uses step-by-step training and reinforcement to help students develop their skills and confidence while developing a strong foundation in the basic keyboarding skills they need for career success. Updated for Microsoft Word 2010, the software now includes a check for document formatting, a new timed writing report, and updated reference videos.

  • Dr. Susie H. VanHuss received her B.S. degree from the University of Southwestern Louisiana and her MBA and Ph.D. degrees from Indiana University. Her teaching specialties include business communications, administrative systems, and personnel management. Her work, published by Cengage Learning, includes textbooks in communications, keyboarding and word processing, and office technology. She has written numerous journal articles and has served on the editorial review boards of several leading business education journals.

    Dr. Connie M. Forde is a full professor in the Department of Instructional Systems, Leadership, and Workforce Development at Mississippi State University where she teaches and advises in the technology teacher education and information technology services degree programs and the master’s and doctoral programs in technology. She has served as co-author on the College Keyboarding team for several editions as well as co-authored a number of word processing and integrated applications simulations. Dr. Forde is a recognized speaker and contributor to the professional literature. Additionally, she has served as president of both the National Business Education Association and the Southern Business Education Association.

    Dr. Donna L. Woo is an Instructor and Department Coordinator for Information Systems/Office Automation for Cypress College and Associate Director of Education at Pacific College. She received her B.A. and M.A. in Business Education at Michigan State University and has her Ed.D. from Nova University. Donna is a Kellogg Fellow, a member of Phi Kappa Phi, and Delta Pi Epsilon. Her industry experience includes working for IBM and General Motors. She authored several word processing textbooks and has worked on several editions of College Keyboarding.