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Barry Hollembeak
Today's Technician: Advanced Automotive Electronic Systems, Classroom and Shop Manual 1st Edition
Barry Hollembeak
ISBN-13: 9781111038144 | ISBN-10: 1111038147
© 2011 | Published |  912  Pages

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TODAY'S TECHNICIAN: ADVANCED AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS, is an extension of the popular Today's Technician Series that covers all mechanical and electrical systems of automobiles and light trucks. This book is intended for a course in advanced automotive electronic systems and is divided into two volumes: a Classroom Manual and a Shop Manual that separate cognitive and performance learning objectives, respectively. The design is based on features that are known to promote improved student learning. The Classroom Manual contains the principles of operation for the most advanced electrical systems used today and covers design variations of components used by the different vehicle manufacturers. The book builds upon basic facts and theories and will help develop students' knowledge through its extensive coverage of component and system operation The Shop Manual covers the diagnostic processes for proper repairs and focuses more on the diagnostics of the components used within a system than on how to replace the component. The intent is to guide your students' thought processes toward finding the root cause of the problem, concentrating their attention on becoming a diagnostician and not a "parts changer". Your students will learn how to develop a systematic approach to problem solving in order to isolate the root cause of the problem, thereby enhancing their ability to fix products right the first time. Photo Sequences are used to illustrate some of the common diagnostic procedures. Both Manuals are arranged in corresponding chapters, and topics within the chapters are linked between manuals by page references in the margins. Both volumes contain clear and thoughtfully-selected photos and illustrations. The margins of the pages include many special features of the series that are designed to underscore important points made in the running text, highlight safety concerns, and offer real world scenarios that the author has encountered in the shop.

    1. Introduction to Electronic Systems.
    2. Practical Theories and Laws.
    3. Computer Systems.
    4. Vehicle Communication Networks.
    5. Supplemental Airbag Systems.
    6. Driver and Passenger Comfort Systems.
    7. Electronic Stability and Roll-Over Mitigation Systems.
    8. Driver Assistance Systems.
    9. Infotainment Systems.
    10. Alternate Propulsion Systems.
    11. Glossary of Terms.
    12. Index.

    1. Safety.
    2. Special Tools and Advanced Diagnostic Procedures.
    3. Computer Systems Diagnostics.
    4. Diagnosing Vehicle Communication Systems.
    5. Supplemental Airbag System Diagnosis.
    6. Diagnosing Driver and Passenger Comfort Systems.
    7. Diagnosing Electronic Sabability and Roll-Over Mitigations Systems.
    8. Diagnosing Driver Assistance Systems.
    9. Diagnosing Infotainment Systems.
    10. Hybrid and High-Voltage System Service.
    11. Glossary of Terms.
    12. Index.

    • CLASSROOM MANUAL: New and important terms are boldfaced in the Classroom Manual text and defined in the glossary. Some key terms are clarified in the margins with text boxes.
    • Margin notes are included to enhance attention and learning. These include simple examples of concepts just introduced, explanations or definitions of terms, examples of common trade jargon and exceptions to the norm explained in the running text.
    • The Classroom Manual includes page number cross references to the related topic in the Shop Manual whenever appropriate.
    • Includes ten short answer essay, ten fill-in-the blank and ten ASE-Style multiple-choice questions after each chapter to accurately assess the student's competence in the objectives stated at the beginning of the chapter.
    • SHOP MANUAL: Includes photo sequences of shop procedures to offer real world examples of how these step-by-step tasks are performed.
    • Margin notes and key terms are also included in the Shop Manual, as well as page number cross references to related topics in the Classroom Manual.
    • Contains Service Tips that provide the student with information on when a special procedure or short cut can be used and represent things an experienced technician might do.
    • Uses realistic case studies at the conclusion of each chapter to reinforce the thought process and test procedures just discussed in the text.
    • Includes Job Sheets at the end of every chapter that guide students through common diagnostic procedures that they are likely to encounter as professional technicians.
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    • Shop Manual - Today's Technician: Advanced Automotive Electronic Systems
      ISBN-10: 1111038155 | ISBN-13:9781111038151
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      Classroom Manual - Today's Technician: Advanced Automotive Electronic Systems
      ISBN-10: 1418060801 | ISBN-13:9781418060800
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      This classroom and shop manual set provides in-depth coverage of the theory and procedures needed for successfully servicing today’s complex automotive electronic systems.
      Instructor's Resource for Hollembeak's Today's Technichian: Advanced Automotive Electronic Systems
      ISBN-10: 141806081X | ISBN-13:9781418060817
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      The Instructor Resources CD includes an assortment of instructional tools to help enhance classroom lectures and cut down on preparation time. The CD includes Chapter Tests in ExamView, Chapter Presentations in PowerPoint, an image Library, Job Sheets, Worksheets, and an Instructor's Guide with Answer Keys and Lecture Outlines.

    • Barry Hollembeak has been involved in the automotive repair industry for nearly 40 years and has provided instruction to dealership technicians for the past 20 years as a technical trainer. Hollembeak entered the automotive technology field in 1974 as a service technician, working in both fleet and independent repair shops before opening his own repair facility. After selling his business and retiring as a technician, he became an instructor and author, teaching automotive technology at the post-secondary level for five years and serving as director of education for two years. Hollembeak then entered into manufacturer training. He is a Master and Advanced Engine Performance Certified Technician with ASE and is a member of the Colorado Automotive Teachers Society. Hollembeak is involved with the College Automotive Program, AYES and SkillsUSA and has been a guest speaker for NATEF, CATS, and several other organizations.