Dental Assisting Coloring Book 1st Edition
Donna J. Phinney, CDA, MEd (deceased) | Judy Halstead
ISBN-13: 9781439059319 | ISBN-10: 1439059314
© 2011 | Published |  416  Pages

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Dental Assisting Coloring Book is an interactive tool designed as both a study aid and a review guide to enhance learning in the field of dentistry. The format makes review and learning creative and fun. Unlike other coloring books, Delmar's Dental Assisting Coloring Book contains questions presented in a variety of formats, in addition to coloring and labeling, to test recall and overall comprehension of key concepts. It covers a wide variety of topics encountered in lectures, clinics, and labs, including general anatomy, tooth anatomy and dental charting, equipment and dental instruments, procedures, radiology equipment, and x-ray landmarks. Dental Assisting Coloring Book is an effective way to enhance learning and improve retention of concepts critical to success in the field of dental assisting.

  • 1. General Anatomy.
    2. Head and Neck Anatomy.
    3. Tooth and Tissue Structure.
    4. Tooth Morphology and Identification.
    5. Dental Charting.
    6. Anesthetic Injection Sites.
    7. Dental X-Ray Film and Holding Devices.
    8. Radiology Landmarks.
    9. Instruments.
    10. Miscellaneous.

    • Provides an interactive learning experience.
    • Numerous illustrations to label and identify various anatomical features of the body, head and neck, and tooth morphology.
    • Contains activities in charting, procedures, instruments, and radiology not often found in coloring books.
    • Provides a wide variety of question types to test comprehension and recall of key concepts.
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    • Donna Phinney was a Certified Dental Assistant and Program Director for the Dental Assisting Program at Spokane Community College. Recently deceased, she devoted her 20-year career to the dental field as a dental assistant and office manager, and later to consulting and teaching. She earned her BA from Eastern Washington University and MEd from Whitworth College. Ms. Phinney was a fellow of the American Dental Assistants Association, where she served as a consultant and an appointed commissioner, as well as an active member of the Washington State Dental Assisting Association.

      Judy Halstead, CDA, BA is the former Dental Assisting Program Director for a private college and a high school skills center. Now retired, she also worked as a dental assistant, and an enthusiastic industry representative for more than thirty years. Serving as a president of the Washington Dental Assistant Association, Ms. Halstead often delivered lectures and workshops at local, state, and regional dental conferences, and acted as an industry consultant. Ms. Halstead earned a BA from Eastern Washington University, and is a Certified Dental Assistant with an Expanded Functions certificate.