Getting Started in the Computerized Medical Office: Fundamentals and Practice 2nd Edition
Cindy Correa
ISBN-13: 9781435438477 | ISBN-10: 1435438477
© 2011 | Published |  512  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781401830380

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GETTING STARTED IN THE COMPUTERIZED MEDICAL OFFICE: FUNDAMENTALS AND PRACTICE and the accompanying Medical Office Simulation Software 2.0(MOSS 2.0) will help prepare your students to work with any practice management software used in medical offices today. The book follows the flow of information as patients are scheduled and seen in a medical office, through procedure posting, billing and collections. Content within the book is grouped by subject for easy reading, followed by immediate application of the concepts to the software.

  • Preface.
    1. Introduction to Computers.
    2. Medical Practice-Management Software.
    3. Basic Management Concepts for Medical Administrative Staff.
    4. Fundamentals of Medical Insurance.
    5. Patient Registration and Data Entry.
    6. Procedure Posting Routines.
    7. Insurance Billing Routines.
    8. Posting Payments and Secondary Insurance Billing.
    9. Patient Billing and Collections.
    10. Posting Secondary Insurance Payment and Electronic Remittance Advice Payments.
    11. Insurance Claim Follow-Up and Dispute Resolution.
    Source Document Appendix.

    • Each unit ends with the Final Notes section, summarizing the material just learned, and relating it to the topic forthcoming in the next unit.
    • Each unit provides a Check Your Knowledge review section to reinforce the topics learned.
    • Together, the book and software provide approximately 30 hours of activity.
    • Numerous screen shots help users check their work and complete each activity with confidence.
    • Objectives at the beginning of each unit clearly specify the content to be learned and the skills that will be mastered using the software, where applicable. Each exercise has its own objective, giving the instructor and the learner direction on the purpose or desired outcome upon completion of the task.
    • Exercises include step-by-step directions supported by many screen shots, showing how the screen should look before and after processing data, where applicable.
    • New Workbook with additional hands-on activities to reinforce and expand knowledge presented in the textbook.
    • New Instructor Resources CD-ROM with instructor slides in Microsoft PowerPoint and electronic Instructor's Manual.
    • All exercises updated to correspond with MOSS 2.0 new features, functionality, buttons, and dates.
    • Source documents now provided in an appendix to allow for easier viewing and utilization with the exercises.
    • Key terms identified at the beginning of each chapter.
    • MOSS 2.0 Notes feature identifies usability and troubleshooting tips while working with the software.
For more information about these supplements, or to obtain them, contact your Learning Consultant

  • Instructors Manual for Correa's Getting Started in the Computerized Medical Office
    ISBN-10: 1435438485 | ISBN-13:9781435438484
    List Price = 26.95
    The Instructor's Manual serves as an instructional resource and provides lesson plans, answers for book and workbook questions, and instructor documentation for software use.
    WebTutor Advantage on Blackboard Printed Access Card for Correa's Getting Started in the Computerized Medical Office
    ISBN-10: 1435438493 | ISBN-13:9781435438491
    List Price = 39.00
    Designed to complement the book, WebTUTOR™ Advantage is a content-rich, web-based teaching and learning aid that reinforces and clarifies complex concepts. Online quizzes offer immediate feedback for students to reinforce learning.
    WebTutor™ Advantage for WebCT™ Printed Access Card for Correa's Getting Started in the Computerized Medical Office, 2nd
    ISBN-10: 1435438507 | ISBN-13:9781435438507
    List Price = 39.00
    Designed to complement the book, WebTUTOR™ Advantage is a content-rich, web-based teaching and learning aid that reinforces and clarifies complex concepts. Taking your course beyond the classroom, it provides communication tools for instructors and learners, including a Course Calendar, Chat, E-Mail, Threaded Discussions, Web Links, and a White Board. Each chapter features online class notes, additional activities, flash cards, and more. Online quizzes offer automatic grading and electronic tracking for instructors. Mid-term and final examinations are also included.
    Workbook for Correa's Getting Started in the Computerized Medical Office
    ISBN-10: 1435438515 | ISBN-13:9781435438514
    List Price = 81.95
    The Workbook is designed to help students retain key chapter content while providing more practice working with Medical Office Simulation Software (MOSS) 2.0.
    Medical Office Simulation Software (MOSS) 2.0 Network Version
    ISBN-10: 1435438523 | ISBN-13:9781435438521
    List Price = 1,315.95
    A network version of Medical Office Simulation Software (MOSS) 2.0 is available, designed to have classroom management functions, including the ability to set up classes, view and add database information, and evaluate student progress through an Instructor’s Console. The Console has been completely redesigned for more intuitive usability, and offers more features based on user feedback. Comparative Reporting allows instructors to easily identify student keystroke errors while using the software. The infrastructure has been rebuilt to accommodate more concurrent users.
    Electronic Classroom Manager for Correa's Getting Started in the Computerized Medical Office
    ISBN-10: 1435438531 | ISBN-13:9781435438538
    List Price = 119.95
    The Instructor Resources CD-ROM includes instructor slides prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint, electronic Instructor's Manual files, and a correlation guide between the first and second edition of the book.

  • Cindy Correa has spent the majority of her time teaching in technical schools and colleges that offer medical career programs. Most recently, she was the Allied Health Educational Coordinator and senior instructor at City University of New York at Queens College. Cindy was responsible for the initial creation and curricula development of at least seven certificate programs of the Allied Health Program and extended her expertise to satellite courses in outlying adult education programs. Her experience and understanding of the dynamics and challenges of teaching in technical schools, including computer lab courses, has helped create a book that facilitates instructors and students. Her experience working in the private practice and administrative hospital environments includes oncology, cardiovascular surgery, pulmonology, and thoracic surgery.