Perspectives on Social Media Marketing 1st Edition
Stephanie Agresta | B. Bonin Bough | Jason Miletsky
ISBN-13: 9781435456525 | ISBN-10: 1435456521
© 2011 | Published |  304  Pages

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PERSPECTIVES ON SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING addresses 89 of the most compelling and important issues that marketers face on a regular basis when it comes to social media, providing advice and insight on how to deal with each issue from the perspective of two thought leaders in this arena: Stephanie Agresta from Porter Novelli and B. Bonin Bough from PepsiCo. Together, they discuss what social media is, how it has changed the marketing landscape, how to implement a tactical and strategic social media plan across your organization, how to best measure the ROI of a social media campaign, and more.

    1. How would you define social media?
    2. Why has social media had such a powerful impact?
    3. How has social media changed general marketing strategies?
    4. Does branding still matter? Has the definition of "brand" changed?
    5. Is social media something that small companies and entrepreneurs can take advantage of, or is it mostly for large players only?
    6. How important is personal branding?
    7. Should companies allow executives or other employees develop personal brands as representatives if the company?
    8. Should traditional marketing efforts be relegated to the museum?
    9. How (if at all) has social media altered the consumer buying cycle?
    10. What are some of the popular misconceptions many marketers have about social media?
    11. Is social media an evolution of marketing, or an evolution of public relations? How has social media changed PR?
    12. What is the cost of entry for a social media marketing effort? Is it comparable to the cost of traditional marketing efforts such as TV and print?
    13. Is it possible to run a regional SM campaign, or is it impossible to contain?
    14. Should marketers seek to integrate social media efforts with traditional efforts, or should they be kept, planned, and run independently from each other?
    15. If there is room for SM and traditional efforts to be integrated, what strategy should be planned first: social media, traditional or should they both be planned simultaneously?
    16. Are there any tools that are "must haves" for every social media marketing effort?
    17. What accounts for success in a social media marketing campaign?
    18. How is social/ media measurement different from traditional marketing measurement.
    19. Is it possible to monetize engagement (in other words, is there a direct relation between social media and sales)?
    20. Once information is out on the social Web, it can be hard if not impossible to take back. What can you do in the event of a mistake?
    21. Are agencies necessary, or can brands handle social media campaigns on their own?
    22. What will the Internet look like three years from now? Ten years from now?
    23. What would you consider to be the best social media campaign ever run?
    24. What would you consider to be the worst social media campaign ever run?
    25. Which companies (other than your own) really seem to "get it" when it comes to social media marketing?
    26. Which industry experts do you admire and why?

    • Businesses and marketing professionals are scrambling to use social media vehicles to promote their products/companies and need guidance in the most effective and efficient ways to do so.
    • Provides a unique multi-viewpoint approach to the subject matter, essentially giving readers two books in one.
    • Both contributing authors are highly accomplished, well-known, and well-respected in their fields and have a high degree of recognition and influence among their peers and colleagues.
    • The book has its own blog where readers can share their perspectives on social media marketing topics.
    • "There’s a whole lot of talking in social media and the new web, and what I love about Bonin and Steph is that they’re two of the few people that are actually doing the doing..." -Gary Vaynerchuk, co-founder of VaynerMedia and best-selling author of Crush It

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    • Stephanie Agresta has been a force in the online marketing industry for nearly 15 years. An expert in social media, affiliate program management, and Web2.0 strategies, she is a sought-after speaker at industry events. Her mission is to connect people, ideas, products, and services using digital technology in new and inventive ways. Agresta started her career with iVillage, a women-focused web destination and one of the first websites to build community online. She went on to hold prominent sales, marketing and business development roles with Internet powerhouses such as Barnes &, and SpaFinder. With Commerce360, a search marketing firm funded by First Round Capital, she launched an Affiliate Marketing Division and served on a management team alongside nationally recognized technology executives. She’s currently Global Director of Digital Strategy and Social Media at Porter Novelli, a leading PR firm.

      B. Bonin Bough is the Global Director of Digital and Social Media at PepsiCo. In this role, he oversees digital strategy and the implementation of social media tools and techniques across the company. Bough has been instrumental in integrating social media and the "online conversation" into PepsiCo’s overall brand vision, engaging online consumers, and tracking behavior and trends that the brand can leverage successfully. Previously, Bough was the Executive Vice President and Director of Weber Shandwick’s global interactive, social, and emerging media practice, leading strategic programming for the agency’s top clients, including MasterCard, Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers, BestBuy, Electrolux, Ambien, MAC Aids Fund, and Honeywell. Prior to this, Bough was a founding member and Senior Vice President at Ruder Finn Interactive (RFI) and ran the interactive strategy unit for eight years. Bough’s achievements in the world of interactive marketing have won him numerous awards, including a Webby, Stevie, Golden Pencil, Sabre, Big Apple, Com Arts, and SXSW Viewers Choice for

      Jay Miletsky is CEO and executive creative director of Mango(formerly PFS Marketwyse), a leading marketing communications agency in the New York metro area. His marketing work has included successful consultation and campaigns for companies including Hershey’s, AmerisourceBergen, Emerson Electric, JVC, The Michael C. Fina Company, and more. Miletsky is a featured speaker for numerous companies and seminars as well as a guest lecturer for universities. He is the author of 10 books, including Perspectives on Marketing and Perspectives on Branding, and he blogs regularly at and You can follow him on Twitter at