The Electricians Green Handbook 1st Edition
Albert F. Cutter, Sr.
ISBN-13: 9781111129804 | ISBN-10: 1111129800
© 2012 | Published |  288  Pages

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THE ELECTRICIAN'S GREEN HANDBOOK is written for students with an interest in the inner workings of alternative energy systems. This book is written by an electrician about electrical systems for electricians, maintenance personnel and students who are looking to expand their knowledge in alterative energy systems. Real world state of the art components are used in this book, complete with details and product specifications. Alternative energy systems discussed include Solar, Wind, Hydrogen and Battery Backup Systems. Unlike most other books written on the subject, THE ELECTRICIAN'S GREEN HANDBOOK, will provide your students with an understanding of these systems from an installation and maintenance point of view. Discussed in detail are the circuit configurations of stand-alone inverters, string inverters, central inverters, micro-inverters and rectifiers, the key components of any alternative energy installation used today. The National Electrical Code (NEC) 2011 is used throughout the text and systems are taken apart and the NEC 2011 is examined for each part of the systems. Monitoring the output of alternative energy systems is not only required for maximum efficiency, it is essential. This book covers the components, systems and topologies for monitoring the system functions and performance and is a must for the journeyman electrician and electrical students of all levels.

  • 1. Introduction.
    2. Inverters / Rectifiers.
    3. Photovoltaic.
    4. Wind Power.
    5. Battery Systems.
    6. Hydrogen Fuel Cell.

    • Written clearly by an electrician for electrical students and journeyman electricians.
    • Explains alternative energy systems in a basic manner without the use of technical jargon.
    • Illustrated with many pictures and unique drawings.
    • Uses real world systems alternative energy systems in Solar, Wind, Hydrogen and Battery systems.
    • Includes details and specifications of state of the art components that are used in today's alternative energy systems and the National Electrical Code 2011 is used throughout the book.
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    • Albert F. Cutter, Sr., is the founder, owner, and CEO of Intuitive Technologies, Inc. and the GMP of AppsDev, LLC. He has been a union electrician member of Local 456 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) for over 40 years and has devoted most of his career to control systems and automation. Cutter has also served as an adjunct professor for instrumentation and automation, as well as a professor for automation industrial controls and computer-assisted drafting. He owns one patent and has another pending, and is the author of three respected texts in the renewable energy field.