Migrant Workers in China 1st Edition
Changfu Han
ISBN-13: 9789814336734 | ISBN-10: 9814336734
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Migrant workers are an inevitable issue that has accompanied China’s socioeconomic transformation, and has a direct bearing on the country’s social and economic progress, and stability. This book aims to present a comprehensive picture of China’s issue of migrant workers that has emerged during its urbanization. Breaking away from the conventional research methodology, this book examines the trend of China’s migrant workers as a social and economic phenomenon, teases out its pattern, proposes the establishment of a social support system for migrant workers in light of China’s socialist market economy, and provides a solid theoretical fulcrum for China’s central government to develop its macroeconomic policy.

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  • Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. Prologue.
    1. Introduction.
    2. An Overview of Migrant Workers as a Group.
    3. A Review of the Migration of Labor and Population in the Urbanization and Industrialization Processes Abroad.
    4. An Analysis of the Impact of Migrant Workers on China’s Economy.
    5. An Analysis of the Impact of Migrant Workers on Chinese Society.
    6. The End of the Issue of China’s Migrant Workers: A Long-Term Trend Analysis.
    7. The Construction of a Social Support System for Migrant Workers.
    8. Conclusion. Epilogue. Index.

    • Presents a comprehensive picture of the issue of migrant workers that has emerged due to China’s urbanization.
    • Compares the processes of China’s migration of labor and population, and its urbanization and industrialization with those of developed and developing countries.
    • Examines the social and economic trends regarding China’s migrant workers and the impact they have on China’s economy and society.
    • Proposes the construction of a social support system for migrant workers that will aid China’s central government in developing its macroeconomic policy.
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    • Changfu Han, Minister of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China, is a leading expert in the research on China’s issues related to agriculture, the countryside, and farmers. From 1997 to 2009, he held the offices of Vice Director of the Central Financial and Economic Leading Group Office, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Deputy Director of the Research Office of the State Council, and Governor of Jilin Province. He is committed to research and policy-making in the areas of China’s economy and long-term rural development. He has also authored some valuable and influential academic papers.