An Integrated Approach to Health Sciences: Anatomy and Physiology, Math, Chemistry and Medical Microbiology 2nd Edition
Bruce J. Colbert | Jeff Ankney | Joe Wilson | John Havrilla
ISBN-13: 9781435487642 | ISBN-10: 1435487648
© 2012 | Published |  448  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780827360822

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Unlike any other resource on the market, AN INTEGRATED APPROACH TO HEALTH SCIENCES, 2E takes an all-in-one approach to preparing your learners for careers in the health care industry. The book identifies the four basic building blocks of Health Sciences: anatomy and physiology, math, chemistry and medical microbiology, and then presents them in the context of health professions. Medical terminology and physics concepts are also covered. Rich illustrations, theory, practical applications, and humorous anecdotes all join together to help learners connect with the material as they learn it, fostering increased retention and comprehension. As a result, learners will gain valuable knowledge while also getting access to an insider look at health careers through the book's professional profiles. Exercises and case studies complement the comprehensive coverage and sharpen critical thinking skills, making this a complete package for instructors aiming to provide a foundational knowledge in the health sciences. And although the textbook can stand alone, it has capabilities for enhancements with a rich array of extra resources that include videos, animations, interactive games, study questions and a workbook with activities.

    1. Medical Terminology: The Language of Medicine.
    2. Overview of the Human Body.
    3. The Raw Materials: Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Systems.
    4. The Integumentary System.
    5. The Skeletal System.
    6. The Muscular System.
    7. The Nervous System.
    8. The Endocrine System.
    9. The Special Senses.
    10. The Respiratory System.
    11. The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems.
    12. The Gastrointestinal System.
    13. The Urinary and Reproductive Systems.
    14. Basic Mathematical Definitions and Fractions.
    15. Decimals, Percents, and Ratios.
    16. Exponents, Scientific Notation and The Metric System.
    17. An Introduction to Algebra.
    18. An Introduction to Equations.
    19. More Equation Forms.
    20. Statistics and Graphs.
    21. Energy and States of Matter.
    22. Basic Concepts of Chemistry.
    23. Bonding and Chemical Formulas.
    24. The Gas Laws.
    25. Acids and Bases.
    26. Biochemistry.
    27. The Amazing Proteins.
    28. Introduction to Medical Microbiology.
    29. Infection Control.

    • Engages learners with user-friendly, conversational writing style rich with analogies and real-world stories.
    • Enhances learning with strong pedagogical features, including objectives, key terms, and chapter reviews.
    • Integrates major academic subjects and applies them to the "real world" of health sciences to create a total learning package.
    • Expands content with new chapters on Medical Microbiology and Infection Control and additional clinical related math concepts.
    • Reinforces concepts with StudyWARE™ CD-ROM that contains interactive animations and videos that are integrated with the text.
    • Brings material to life with an exciting new text design and vivid, updated color illustrations, photos, and tables.
    • Offers deeper insights and anecdotes with new "Quotes and Notes" sections containing unique health and science-related facts and stories.
    • Facilitates teaching with an electronic Instructors Resource that includes PowerPoint slides, computerized test bank, and the complete Instructor's Manual.
  • "This is an excellent book. It is written in an engaging and informative style and should be easily understood. It would be an asset to any course and preparation for students interested in health care careers."Ann Leslie Claesson, PhD, BSN, PSP, FACHE, Core Faculty, Capella University

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  • Bruce Colbert is an associate professor and director of the Allied Health Care Department at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. The author of nine traditional books, he also developed an interactive worktext and DVD program on student success. Focusing on such topics as stress and time management, he has presented more than 250 regional and national lectures and workshops devoted to professional skills, enhancing critical and creative thinking as well as effective decision making. In addition Mr. Colbert consults with educational programs to improve teaching effectiveness.