Preschool and School-Age Language Disorders 1st Edition
Betsy P. Vinson
ISBN-13: 9781435493124 | ISBN-10: 1435493125
© 2012 | Published |  384  Pages

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PRESCHOOL AND SCHOOL-AGE LANGUAGE DISORDERS is designed for introductory coursework that explores language deficits associated with developmental delays and disorders as seen in children ages two to eighteen. Unique to this book is a chapter related to the provision of speech-language services in public schools, including a discussion of federal legislation that impacts service delivery. Aspects of normal language development are woven into the discussion of language disorders to emphasize that knowledge of both is necessary to effectively assess and treat clients. Preschool and School-Age Language Disorders focuses on integration of evidence-based practice into assessment, diagnosis, and treatment practices, and includes information from classic research studies as well as current research. There is also a focus throughout the book on the impact of low-income environments on a child's language and literacy development and school success.

  • 1. Delays, Disorders, and Differences.
    2. Syndromes, Developmental Disabilities, and Motor and Sensory Impairments that affect Language and Speech.
    3. Pervasive Developmental Disorders.
    4. Setting the Stage in the Preschool Years for Linguistic and Literacy Success.
    5. General Considerations in Assessment of Language Deficits in Infants and Preschool Children.
    6. Treatment of Language Delays and Disorders in Preschool Children.
    7. Provision of Speech-Language Pathology Services in the Public Schools: An Historical Perspective on the Impact of Federal Legislation on Present-Day Services.
    8. Language Development and Impact of Language Deficits in the School Years.
    9. Language-Based Learning Disabilities in the School-Age Population.
    10. Spelling and Reading Disorders.
    11. Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity.
    12. Language and Communication Deficits Associated with Acquired Brain Injury in Children.
    13. Assessment of Language Disorders in School-Age Children.
    14. Treatment in the School-Age Population.
    APPENDIX A: Suggested reading list on language abnormalities in preschool children.
    APPENDIX B: Suggested reading list on language abnormalities in school-age children.
    APPENDIX C: Suggested reading list on multicultural aspects of language disorders.
    APPENDIX D: Memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies related to communication disabilities.
    APPENDIX E: Answers to review questions.

    • Includes a chapter on "setting the stage" for achieving linguistic and literacy success in consideration of the potential long-term impact of delays and disorders in the preschool years.
    • Weaves normal language development into the discussion of language disorders to emphasize that knowledge of both is an integral factor in the ability to assess and treat clients.
    • Discusses over twenty syndromes and motor, sensory, and developmental disorders including those resulting from maternal abuse of illegal drugs, alcohol, and nicotine.
    • Dedicates a chapter to autism that explores etiology, warning signs, assessment and diagnosis, and treatment methods.
    • Features "Think About It" scenarios that pose theoretical and ethical questions to prod students to think about how they would deal with a situation as a SLP.
    • Offers a case study at the end of each chapter that teach students to apply research to actual practice by presenting real life examples of clients coping with language delays and disorders.
    • Provides additional study aids including learning objectives, chapter summaries, and review questions.
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    • Betsy Partin Vinson is a clinical associate professor at the University of Florida where she teaches the undergraduate Introduction to Language Disorders course, the graduate level Diagnostics course, and a variety of graduate electives including pediatric dysphagia and counseling. She earned her Master of Medical Science degree in 1976 from Emory University. Before joining the faculty at UF in 1985, she worked in a state facility for handicapped individuals, and at a public school for the mentally and/or physically challenged.