Calculators: Printing and Display 5th Edition
William R. Pasewark
ISBN-13: 9780840065353 | ISBN-10: 0840065353
© 2012 | Published |  144  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780538439909

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This text provides an easy-to-use approach to learning 10-key operation based on current business procedures. Students learn the touch method and solve both business and personal math problems. Step-by-step instructions make learning easy; pictures and explanations for reaches provide good visual cues; and sufficient drills develop workplace skills.

  • Developing Ten-Key Touch Method Techniques.
    Preface for the Student.
    1. Addition; Touch Method: 4, 5, 6 Keys.
    2. Addition; Touch Method: 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 0, and 00 Keys.
    3. Ten-Key Numeric Drill.
    4. Subtraction.
    5. Review; Analyzing Progress; Setting Goals.
    6. Non-Add Key; Decimal Point Key; Add Mode; Alignment of Decimals; Subtotal Key.
    8. Division.
    9. Memory; Grand Total Key.
    10. Review; Analyzing Progress.
    11. Decimals; Fractions; Percents.
    12. Multiple Operations.
    13. Multifactor and Negative Multiplication.
    14. Production Drill: Auto Repair Order Form.
    15. Review.
    16. Interest and Trade Discounts.
    17. Cash and Chain Discounts.
    18. Metrics and International Trade.
    19. Production Drill: Auto Repair Order Form.
    20. Review.
    21. Wage Earnings and Income Taxes.
    22. Household Budget.
    23. Cost of Credit.
    24. Banking Services.
    25. Review.
    26. Travel Expenses.
    27. Stock Transactions.
    28. Casualty Insurance.
    29. Calculating School Budgets and GPA.
    30. Review.
    Reference Resources.
    Correcting Calculating Errors.
    Criteria for Determining Strokes and Errors.
    Decimal Rounding Rules.
    Display and Display-Print Features and Applications.
    Proving and Verifying Answers.
    Drills and Progress Records.
    Accuracy Drills.
    Progress Test Record.
    Speed Drills and Speed Drill Record.
    Technique Drills.
    Technique Checklist.
    Ten-Key Numeric Drill #2.
    Ten-Key Numeric Drill Record.
    TKN Drill Graphs - SAM and EAM.
    TKN Test Record.
    Chain Discount Net Equivalents.
    Decimal Equivalents of Fractions.
    Instructional Patterns for Warm-Up Drills.
    Instructional Patterns for Measurement, Technique, Speed, and Accuracy Drills.
    Instructional Patterns to Individualize Learning.
    Support Materials.
    Writing Numbers Legibly and Numeric Keypad.
    Student Data Sheet.
    Proficiency Certificate.
    Ten-Key Numeric Test #1.
    Ten-Key Numeric Test #2.

    • Uses a _Technique Check List_ to provide guidance in developing the touch method.
    • Helps users understand how to solve common business and personal math problems.
    • Includes a realistic grading system of Strokes a Minute and Errors a Minute.
    • Drill and Test Sites Chart simplifies administering the numerous Drills and Tests throughout the book.
    • Teaches the 10-key touch method of operating print, display-print, or display calculators as well as simple math operations using the calculator.
    • New Production Drills in Jobs 14 and 19.
    • New applications in Jobs 22, 23, 24, 26, 29 (5 of 8 application jobs) include: Cell phones and electronic games. Controlling Household Expenses. Cost of Credit. Banking Services: ATM/s, Debit Cards, and Drafts. Auto Repair Orders. Problems with many digits such as bank routing numbers and drivers' license numbers. Financing a Car.
    • More concise instructions to reduce reading time and allow more time for skill development.
    • Grading guidelines added to the ATE.
    • 10% more drills throughout Jobs.
    • New "Application for Your Life" inserts that show the immediate use of the calculator to solve money problems in students' lives. For example, home insurance for renters. An increasing number of families are renting rather than buying housing.
    • AIE -- New Drill and Test Sites Chart that simplifies administering the numerous Drills and Tests throughout the book.
    • AIE --New Arithmetic Pre- and Post-Test sample chart to show school administrators how calculator instruction improves students' basic arithmetic skills.
  • "Concise; easy to administer."

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  • Tests for Pasewark's Calculators: Printing and Display, 5th
    ISBN-10: 0840065752 | ISBN-13:9780840065759
    List Price = 23.95
    The sixteen-page test bank consists of eight, two-page tests: one Diagnostic Arithmetic Pretest, six Progress Tests (each covering five of the Jobs in the textbook), and one Final Progress Test.
    Annotated Instructor's Edition Tests for Pasewark's Calculators: Printing and Display, 5th
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    The Test Key includes all Tests with the solutions overprinted. There are eight, two-page tests: one Diagnostic Arithmetic Pretest, six Progress Tests (each covering five of the Jobs in the textbook), and one Final Progress Test.

  • William R. Pasewark, Sr., earned the PhD at New York University. He taught both Business and Education courses at NYU, Michigan State, Penn State, and Texas Tech. Pasewark authored 105 best-selling business and computer books, seven of which won Texty Awards from the Text and Academic Authors Association. Work experience includes several jobs in the Wall Street section of NYC; Office Management Consultant; Marine Corps Sergeant in the Iwo Jima Invasion; General Manager of Pasewark LTD, a textbook authoring family partnership. Pasewark lectured in 31 states and several foreign counties. He attended 60 continuous NBEA conventions and was a registered lobbyist to require business courses in high schools.