Visual C# Game Programming for Teens 1st Edition
Jonathan S. Harbour
ISBN-13: 9781435458482 | ISBN-10: 1435458486
© 2012 | Published |  352  Pages

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Learn how to create your own fully functioning role-playing game (RPG) with VISUAL C# GAME PROGRAMMING FOR TEENS! A true beginner’s guide, the book covers each essential step for creating your own complete RPG using Windows Forms and GDI+, including a tiled scroller, game editors, and scripting. While some experience with Visual C# is helpful, this book is an introductory guide for readers who are new to programming or new to programming for games and want to learn the basics of RPG game mechanics. You will learn by studying the short examples in each chapter, building the complete RPG called Dungeon Crawler as you move from one chapter to the next, with new features and game play elements added in each new chapter. Along the way you’ll discover how to load and draw bitmaps, create sprites, render a game world, keep track of inventory and character stats, and build tools including a level editor, character editor, item editor, and monster editor. And the finished Dungeon Crawler game includes all the source code and tools you’ll need to make your own awesome RPGs with loads of cool features and functionality.

  • Introduction.
    1. Welcome to the Dungeon.
    2. Drawing Shapes and Bitmaps with GDI+
    3. Sprites and Real-Time Animation.
    4. Collision Detection.
    5. Playing Sound Effects and Music.
    6. Creating the Dungeon Editor.
    7. Rendering a Dungeon Level.
    8. Adding Objects to the Dungeon.
    9. Going Deeper into the Dungeon with Portals.
    10. Creating Characters and Monsters.
    11. Dialogue: Trainers, Vendors, and NPCs.
    12. Fighting Monsters, Gaining Experience, and Leveling.
    13. Equipping Gear and Looting Treasure.
    14. Populating the Dungeon.
    15. Deep Places of the World.

    • Uses the latest version of Visual C# programming language.
    • Uses step-by-step tutorials for hands-on practice of new skills.
    • Learn how to create a complete role-playing game.
    • Written for teens and other beginners.
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    • Jonathan S. Harbour is an associate professor at the University of Advancing Technology (Tempe, AZ). His web site at includes an online forum and blog for book support. His most recent game projects are Starflight - The Lost Colony ( and Aquaphobia: Mutant Brain Sponge Madness (