Beginning DirectX 11 Game Programming 1st Edition
Allen Sherrod | Wendy Jones
ISBN-13: 9781435458956 | ISBN-10: 1435458958
© 2012 | Published |  352  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781598633610

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Discover the latest and most popular technology for creating next-generation 3D games: DIRECTX 11! BEGINNING DIRECTX 11 GAME PROGRAMMING is an introductory guide to learning the basics of DirectX 11 that will help get you started on the path to 3D video game programming and development. Written specifically for the beginner programmer, this book uses step-by-step instructions to teach the basics of DirectX 11 and introduces skills that can be applied to creating games for PCs and game console platforms such as the Xbox 360. Updated for all the newest DirectX 11 technology, this book includes coverage of improved professional coding practices, an overview of the latest DirectX components and tools, sprites, text and font rendering, 3D character rendering, cameras, audio, shaders and effects, and much more. By the time you reach the end of this book, you will have had enough experience with DirectX 11 that you should be able to explore making simple video games and demos. From there, you can progress toward making more complex games and demos until you find yourself able to complete and release your own PC or console games.

  • Introduction.
    1. The What, Why, and How of Direct X.
    2. Your First DirectX Program.
    3. 2D Rendering.
    4. Text and Font Rendering.
    5. Input Detection and Response.
    6. Audio in DirectX.
    7. 3D Primer.
    8. Shaders and Effects.
    9. Cameras and Models in Direct3D.
    10. Conclusions.
    Appendix A: Chapter Answers.

    • Updated with coverage of all the new DirectX 11 technology.
    • No true competition on the market.
    • Includes easy-to-follow tutorials to help beginners get going quickly with DirectX 11.
    • Goes beyond explaining the "how" behind each concept and also explains "why."
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    • Allen Sherrod is an experienced author in the field of video game development. Allen’s past works include two editions of Ultimate Game Programming with DirectX, Ultimate 3D Game Engine Design and Architecture, Game Graphics Programming, and Data Structures and Algorithms for Game Developers. Allen has also contributed to the Game Developer’s Magazine, the Game Programming Gems 6 book, to the website, and is the creator of

      Wendy Jones devoted herself to computers the first time her eyes befell an Apple IIe in elementary school. From that point on, she spent every free moment learning BASIC and graphics programming, sketching out her ideas on graph paper to type in later. Other computer languages followed, including Pascal, C, C#, and C++. As Wendy’s career in computers took off, she branched out, teaching herself Windows programming and then jumping into the dot-com world for a bit. Although Internet companies provided a challenge, they didn’t provide fulfillment, so Wendy started expanding her programming skills to games, devoting any extra energy to its pursuit. Wendy’s true passion became apparent when she got the opportunity to work for Atari’s Humongous Entertainment as a game programmer. During her time at Atari, she worked on both PC and console titles, thrilled with the challenge they provided. Wendy can now be found at Electronic Art’s Tiburon studio in Orlando working with some wonderfully talented people on Next Generation consoles. If you have any comments or questions about this book, you can reach Wendy at her website at