Investigating Your Career 3rd Edition
Ann Jordan | Tena B. Crews
ISBN-13: 9781111575502 | ISBN-10: 1111575509
© 2013 | Published |  384  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781111430108

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INVESTIGATING YOUR CAREER, 3E offers students an opportunity to direct their attention toward an area of interest that might develop into a career path while also identifying high school and college course offerings related to their career choices. This career exploration text uniquely focuses on the student’s individual PATH to success: their Passions, Attitude, Talents, and Heart, as career possibilities are explored. By choosing a career based on what they want to do, students develop the ability to make informed decisions about their future, are more excited about learning, and are more motivated to stay in school.

INVESTIGATING YOUR CAREER, 3E has been revised to include social networking, personal finance, blog activities, math and financial information, and additional coverage on the 16 Career Clusters. This text takes career exploration to a new level and is the perfect solution for states that now require/recommend a semester length middle school/junior high career course before graduating students.

Focusing education on the future, the U.S. Office of Education has grouped careers into 16 clusters based on similar job characteristics. Every chapter in INVESTIGATING YOUR CAREER, 3E includes detailed information on a career cluster allowing students to learn about the various career options available to them. The career cluster approach makes it easier for students to understand the relevance of their required courses and helps them select their elective courses more wisely.

  • Part 1: PREPARATION.
    1. Preparing Your Path for Success.
    Career Expectations. Your P*A*T*H to Success. Planning for Career Success.
    2. Discovering Career Choice Influences.
    People. Values. Web Influences.
    3. Understanding Yourself.
    Career Development. Learning About Yourself. Informal Assessments.
    4. Looking into the Future.
    Futurecasting. Workplace Trends. Working Differently.
    Part 2: FOCUS.
    5. Planning Your Internal Career Design.
    Start the Plan Now. Career Decisions. Creating Your Internal Career Design.
    6. Setting Goals.
    Self-Motivation. Action Plans. Time Management.
    7. Understanding Finances.
    Finances 101. Financial Planning. Preparing for the Future.
    Part 3: DECISIONS.
    8. Considering Career Preparation Choices.
    Finding the Right Path. Education and Training: High School Options. Education and Training Options Beyond High School. Planning Your Career Preparation Path.
    9. Going From Here to Your Career.
    Career Preparation Path. Education/Training Path. Career Plan Implementation.
    10. Searching for a Job.
    Personal Career Goals and the Job Market. The Job Search and Possible Pitfalls. Narrowing the Focus.
    11. Applying for a Job.
    Personal Fact Sheet and Resumes. Job Applications and Pre-employment Tests. References and Cover Letters.
    12. Interviewing for a Job.
    The Interview Process and Preparation. The Interview. After the Interview.
    13. Succeeding in a Career.
    What Employers Want. Adjusting to the Workplace. Growth in the Workplace.
    14. Understanding the Workplace.
    Employment Laws. Employment Forms. Employment Types and Employer Expectations.

    • Complete coverage of the Department of Education's 16 CAREER CLUSTERS allows students to investigate a wide range of career choices. The career cluster approach makes it easier to understand the relevance of their required courses and helps them select their elective courses more wisely.
    • FOCUS ON ASSESSMENT with end-of-chapter review questions offers student's chapter comprehension reinforcement.
    • VOCABULARY BUILDER reinforces student understanding of key terms introduced in the chapter and provides additional emphasis on vocabulary.
    • The CAREER PORTFOLIO BUILDER on the Instructor's Resource CD contains instructions and forms for keeping track of items to use in a career portfolio.
    • A portfolio icon appears throughout the text to identify specific documents that can be put into the CAREER PORTFOLIO BUILDER. These activities are used to help discover ideal careers, to develop career plans, and to provide guidance on the career journey.
    • P*A*T*H to Success is a four-step approach used throughout the book to help students with the self-discovery process. It helps students explore their passions, attitude, talents, and heart, through career assessments and developing a career plan.
    • REAL PEOPLE/REAL CAREERS, one per chapter, identify the Department of Education's 16 CAREER CLUSTERS. They tell engaging, true stories that spotlight interesting careers and career paths, expanding students' knowledge of career possibilities. Web sites provide an opportunity for more exploration.
    • WEB CONNECTION provides Internet activities that allow the student to expand their knowledge of career topics and to enhance their research skills.
    • An abundance of CHAPTER ASSESSMENTS can be found at the end of each chapter. Included are a Chapter Summary, Vocabulary Builder, Review What you Have Learned, Activities, and Case Challenges which offer valuable content reinforcement and make it easy to monitor student comprehension and understanding.
    • Access to Gale's online portal, CAREER TRANSITIONS, is included with every text at no additional charge. This program walks a student through the career exploration process, starting with an assessment of interests, identifying job markets and educational opportunities, and aiding in resume creation and employment searches.
    • WORKPLACE CONNECTION activities provide opportunities for students to apply what they've learned to the workplace.
    • There is now expanded coverage of ethics, communication skills, leadership, and character development teaching students the skills needed for career success.
    • REAL LIFE FOCUS is a new feature that introduces and reinforces concepts covered in each lesson for better comprehension.
    • CONSIDER questions lead students to an informal analysis of how the chapter relates to them.
    • Improved Format - Dividing chapters into shorter lessons with goals, terms, and an application for each lesson makes it easier for students to grasp concepts.
    • SOCIAL NETWORKING – As it becomes the way the 21st Century communicates today, a new lesson on social networking has been added. The topic is also infused throughout the chapters.
    • PERSONAL FINANCE - A new chapter covers budgeting, checking and savings accounts, saving and paying for education, and credit and debit cards.
    • BLOG – An activity at the end of each chapter leads to a blog project at the end of each part. The part projects then lead to a capstone blog activity at the end of the book giving students the opportunity to put learning into practice.
    • PLANNING A CAREER IN . . . features that introduce each chapter correlate to the 16 CAREER CLUSTERS and present the employment outlook, possible job titles, and needed skills and education associated with a career in that cluster.
    • ALTERNATE WAYS OF WORKING - New lessons has been added on entrepreneurship, global career opportunities, flex schedules and more providing opportunities for students to learn in multiple ways.
    • MAKE ACADEMIC CONNECTIONS provides the integrated curriculum activities that show students how advertising concepts relate to other courses of study.
    • Math and Financial exercises provide more academic connections and enable students to learn critical success skills such as how to budget their money, the value and misuse of credit, and how to manage their time.
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    The 16 Career Clusters
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    THE 16 CAREER CLUSTERS: A PROJECT-BASED ORIENTATION TEXT / iMPACT CD PACKAGE allows students to explore job and career options based on their own talents and interests through activities found in the text and on the interactive CD that help them discover what skills and traits are needed to be successful in each career field.

  • Ann Jordan has served as the Career Development Manager for the Great Oaks Institute of Technology & Career Development, where she supervised the K-12 Career Development program. In this capacity, she oversaw career development programs for over 115,000 K-12 students across 36 school districts. Currently, Ann works as a career development consultant for various organizations and school districts in Southwest Ohio. Ann is the co-author of Communicating for Success and Discovering Your Career.

    Dr. Tena B. Crews is a Professor of Integrated Information Technology (IIT) at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC. She is also the Director of Online Learning and Development for the College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management at the University of South Carolina (USC). She previously served the Director of Business Education at USC and as an Associate Director of Technology Pedagogy at the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE). She is the author of the Fundamentals of Insurance adopted by many secondary and post-secondary schools. She has served on numerous executive boards for state, regional, national and international professional organizations. She has won several awards for her teaching and research and continues to teach in both the face-to-face classroom and online.