Electricity 4: AC/DC Motors, Controls, and Maintenance 10th Edition
Jeffrey J. Keljik
ISBN-13: 9781111646752 | ISBN-10: 1111646759
© 2014 | Published |  372  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781435400313

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Updated to the 2011 National Electrical Code®, ELECTRICITY 4: AC/DC MOTORS, CONTROLS, AND MAINTENANCE, 10e delivers practical coverage of AC/DC motors, controls, and maintenance. It offers students quick and easy access to current information on DC motors, AC motors, motor control, electromechanical and solid-state relays and timers, synchronous motors, installation, sensyn units, motor maintenance, and more. The text combines thorough explanations of how systems work with relevant, hands-on examples of electrical system operation to develop troubleshooting skills.

  • 1. The DC Shunt Motor.
    2. The DC Series Motor.
    3. DC Compound Motors.
    4. Summary of Units 1-3.
    5. Starting and Operating DC Motors.
    6. Electronic DC Motor Control.
    7. DC Variable Speed Control.
    8. DC Motor Dynamic Braking.
    9. Basic Principles of Automatic Motor Control.
    10. Relays and Timers.
    11. Summary of Units 5-10.
    12. Three Phase AC Induction Motors.
    13. Starting Three Phase Induction Motors.
    14. Controllers for Three Phase Motors.
    15. Solid State Starters and Controls.
    16. Wound Rotor Induction Motor.
    17. The Synchronous Motor.
    18. Summary of Units 12-17.
    19. Single Phase AC Motors.
    20. Special Motor Application.
    21. Universal, Series and Repulsion Motors.
    22. Energy Efficiency and Motors.
    23. Three Phase Motor Installations and the NEC.
    24. Single Phase and DC Motor Installation and the NEC.
    25. Motor Maintenance.
    26. Summary of Units 19-25.

    • Formulas and examples are explained step-by-step, and solutions are provided to reinforce processes and help in application and comprehension.
    • Extremely reader friendly, ELECTRICITY 4: AC/DC MOTORS, CONTROLS, AND MAINTENANCE, 10E delivers short, easy-to-read chapters that provide students with a quick reference for specific topics.
    • Control systems using programmable and electronics controls are included in coverage of the advancement of control systems.
    • Current and past technologies are thoroughly examined in conjunction with older technologies still in use, providing the necessary information to transition to newer systems.
    • Providing the most current coverage available, ELECTRICITY 4: AC/DC MOTORS, CONTROLS, AND MAINTENANCE, 10E is completely updated to the 2011 National Electrical Code®.
    • It includes the most current information on energy efficient motor ratings.
    • Updated photos and drawings give students realistic visuals to help improve understanding.
    • Updated information on DC motor control.
    • Chapters are reorganized to provide a better sequence of learning.
    • Solid state starters and controls reflect the latest industry practices.
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  • Jeff Keljik served as head of the electrical department at Dunwoody College of Technology where he played an integral part in developing the Electrical Design and Management program. He also serves as chairman of the Executive Board for the North Central Electrical League and is a member of the Minnesota Electrical Association Education Committee. The author of ELECTRIC MOTOR AND MOTOR CONTROLS (Cengage Learning), Mr. Keljik is also a contributing writer-editor for AC THEORY & DC THEORY, 3e (Cengage Learning). His honors include the 1993 Kraemer Fellowship Award for new technology education and an award for International Technical Teacher Education. A graduate of Dunwoody College of Technology, he also holds a bachelor's degree from Metropolitan State University as well as a Master Class A license and a Journeyman's Class A license, both from the state of Minnesota.