3D Game Programming All in One 3rd Edition
Kenneth C. Finney
ISBN-13: 9781435457447 | ISBN-10: 1435457447
© 2013 | Published |  1200  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781598632668

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3D GAME PROGRAMMING ALL IN ONE, THIRD EDITION is perfect for anyone interested in learning the skills and processes involved in making 3D games. This new edition of the bestselling book shows you how to design and create every aspect of a fully featured game using the Torque 3D game engine. Starting with an introduction to game programming, this comprehensive book provides an overview of the gaming industry, game engines, programming, 3D concepts, texturing and modeling, and even audio engineering. After all the techniques are presented, you will use your new skills and the material on the DVD to create a game.
The DVD contains everything you need to create a complete game, including all of the TorqueScript source code in sample and final form, the Torque 3D Tools Demo game engine, MilkShape 3D for 3D player and item modeling, The Gimp 2 for texture and image manipulation, Audacity for sound editing and recording, UVMapper for performing UV unwrapping tasks, and Torsion, the Integrated Development Environment tool for TorqueScript code.

  • 1. Introduction to 3D Game Development.
    2. Introduction to Programming.
    3. 3D Programming Concepts.
    4. Game Programming.
    5. Game Play.
    6. Network.
    7. The Core Folder.
    8. Introduction to Textures.
    9. Skins.
    10. Creating GUI Elements.
    11. Structural Material Textures.
    12. Terrains.
    13. Introduction to Modeling with MilkShape.
    14. Making a Character Model.
    15. Making a Vehicle Model.
    16. Making Itels, Scenery, and Weapons.
    17. Making Structures.
    18. Making the Game World Environment.
    19. Creating and Programming Sound.
    20. Game Sound and Music.
    21. Creating the Game Mission.
    22. The Game Server.
    23. The Game Client.
    24. The End Game.
    Appendix A: Torque 3D Reference.
    Appendix B: Additional Resources.
    Appendix C: Game Development Tool Reference.
    Appendix D: GNU General Public License

    • Features 50% new material including coverage Torque 3D, pixel and vertex shaders, aggregation models, and advanced lighting features and capabilities.
    • Utilizes the latest version of the Torque Game Engine, Torque3D.
    • The accompanying CD includes sample code, artwork, and games as well as tutorials.
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  • Kenneth C. Finney teaches in the Game Development and Entrepreneurship program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, where he runs the Game Development Workshop. Ken has taught game design, level and GUI design, game development, programming, and prototyping at the Art Institute of Toronto where he was lead faculty member in the Game Art & Design program for five years. Ken is the creator of the popular TubettiWorld "Online Campaign" Mod and the "QuicknDirty" game management tools for NovaLogic’s Delta Force 2 game series. In addition to being an associate developer of the Torque Game Engine at GarageGames, Ken is the author of several books about game programming including 3D Game Programming All In One, 1st & 2nd Editions and Advanced 3D Game Programming All In One. Ken is 50% owner of TubettiWorld Games, Inc. (TWG), an Ontario-based company that is creating a new and unique Action/Adventure game based on the original TubettiWorld design, using Torque Game Engine Advanced. The team that Finney has assembled at TWG was responsible for delivering a 3D action racing game for a major U.S. toy manufacturer in 2008.