Fitness! 5th Edition
Karen S. Mazzeo | Lauren M. Mangili
ISBN-13: 9780840048097 | ISBN-10: 0840048092
© 2013 | Published |  272  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780495012719

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Cengage Learning Activity Series
From aerobics and yoga — to bowling, tennis, weight training, and more — Cengage Learning offers a complete line of activities texts to meet your teaching needs. Written for individuals of all skill levels and backgrounds, the Cengage Learning Activity Series goes beyond the mere fundamentals, showing students how to improve, excel, and simply get more enjoyment from their favorite physical activities.

FITNESS THROUGH AEROBICS, STEP TRAINING, AND WALKING, Fifth Edition, uses an easy-to-follow sequential learning order that provides methods to achieve total fitness goals. The text covers the principles and techniques of aerobic dance exercise, step training, and fitness walking, with a new focus on strength training. Students will be able to structure a complete physical and mental training program that can work for a lifetime.

  • 1. Aerobic Exercise: The Way to Fitness.
    2. Motivation and Goal Setting.
    3. Safety First.
    4. Posture and Positioning.
    5. Fitness Testing.
    6. Warm-Up.
    7. Aerobic Exercise: #1 Aerobics.
    8. Aerobic Exercise: #2 Step Training.
    9. Aerobic Exercise: #3 Fitness Walking.
    10. Strength Training.
    11. Cool-Down and Flexibility Training.
    12. Stress Management and Relaxation.
    13. Nutrition.
    14. Weight Management.

    • Three assessments for heart rate monitoring are presented: resting heart rates, after aerobic exercise intervals, and ratings of perceived exertion for all segments of the course.
    • All exercise movements shown are photographed using a "mirrored method" so that all written and oral cues directly match what the reader sees.
    • Numerous assessments and monitoring tools throughout the text encourage awareness of starting points as well as growth/change points, allowing students to compare pre- and post-course information and data.
    • Goal-setting worksheet to reflect "SMART" goals helps students align goals to their fitness program.
    • A section on internal motivation and goal setting helps students get to the basics of each. The basics of motivation and goal setting are integrated into each chapter.
    • The author has included numerous guidelines to healthy eating, including a Fluid Replacement Pyramid, and information on disordered eating and problem eating behaviors with solutions.
    • NEW: Focus on strength training, which includes coverage of new research, emphasis on obesity, and more functional strength training options. Insights on strength training from top professionals are integrated throughout the text, demonstrating the importance of this topic.
    • NEW: Current coverage of the latest technologies, such as heart rate monitors, pedometers, and new resistance equipment, shows students what products they can use in their own fitness programs and provides information for instructors about how to use them in the class setting.
    • NEW: The author includes the latest information on nutrition, weight management, stress management, and relaxation techniques.
    • NEW: Color photos and figures appear throughout the text.
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  • Karen S. Mazzeo has taught at Bowling Green State University since 1976 in the Schools of Human Movement, Sport and Leisure Studies and Family and Consumer Sciences, courses in Health, Wellness and Physical Fitness. Her current research focuses on Fitness, Stress Management and Peak Performance, working with college students at all levels (freshmen through graduate students) and student athletes to tap into those best performances in the academic setting and on the sports performance field. She has written 14 textbooks and updates for the world market and six Instructor Manuals. She has a private consultancy PERSONAL EXCELLENCE, working with professionals, businesses, and world class athletes on their peak performances. She's been married since 1965 to her college sweetheart, has two married children and one grandchild. Leisure finds her entertaining friends with gourmet meals, nurturing the BGSU Hockey team whose players are from long distances, rollerblading, cycling, strength training, Campus Ministry, and is in charge of sponsorships beautifying her town, Bowling Green, Ohio.

    Lauren M. Mangili is the Program Fitness Specialist and Associate Director Campus Recreation at the University of North Carolina.