Pregnancy Labor & Delivery (DVD Series) 2nd Edition
Concept Media
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Clinical assignments to prenatal clinics for labor and delivery units are difficult to arrange. Even if students are assigned to these areas, there is no guarantee they will witness a birth. This five-part comprehensive series on pregnancy, labor, and delvery contains real-time footage of women as they go through the gestational period, experiencing prenatal assessments, have complications that are diagnosed and treated, endure labor, utilize pharmacolohic and nonpharmacologic methods of pain management, have either a vaginal or cesarean delivery, and receive post-partum care.

This video series also provides students with information on the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy as well as fetal development.

  • 1. The Antepartum Period.
    2. Complications of Pregnancy.
    3. Vaginal Delivery.
    4. Cesarean Delivery.
    5. Postpartum Care.

    • Real World: Features actual mothers-to-be going through assessment processes and real-time labor and delivery.
    • Current: techniques, guidelines, and other new pertinent information have been incorporated into the films to reflect today's standards of care.
    • Reorganized: this new series is organized differently so that it is more linear, and easier for the student to understand. New information has also be added. The five programs in this series are: The Antepartum Period, Complications of Pregnancy, Vaginal Delivery (which also features the stages of labor, the management of pain associated with each, and film of a live birth), Cesarean Delivery (which focuses on psychosocial issues, analgesia, preparation for the procedure, and a film of a cesarean delivery), and post partum care.
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  • Nursing Assessment of the New Mother and Baby (DVD)
    ISBN-10: 1111137048 | ISBN-13:9781111137045
    List Price = 1,192.95
    ASSESSMENT OF THE NEW MOTHER & BABY filmed in the Mother/Baby Unit of Intermountain Utah Valley Regional Medical using mothers during their actual postpartum experience and newborns in the Nursery and Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NBICU), vividly and accurately demonstrates the nurses' role in the care of the new mother and baby. The program is presented in three complementing components: POSTPARTUM ASSESSMENTS AND INTERVENTIONS, NEONATAL ASSESSMENT, AND GESTATIONAL AGE EVALUATION. POSTPARTUM ASSESSMENTS AND INTERVENTIONS covers the nurse's role in the comprehensive care needed for mothers who experience a vaginal or Cesarean birth. NEONATAL ASSESSMENT illustrates the nurse's responsibility in Apgar scoring and performing both an initial and brief assessment soon after birth followed by a comprehensive physical examination. A demonstration of health screening for hemoglobin level, hypoglycemia, mandatory metabolic and endocrine problems is covered as well as the administration of Vit. K and eye medication. GESTATIONAL AGE EVALUATION demonstrates the nurse examining term, pre-term and post-term infants to determine their gestational age.