The Antepartum Period (DVD) 2nd Edition
Concept Media
ISBN-13: 9781133608721 | ISBN-10: 1133608728
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The Antepartum Period is the first topic covered in a five-part series entitled, Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery. The program explores the the three trimesters of antepartum period, describing the maternal physiologic alterations that occur as well as fetal development. Assessment of the mother-to-be during routine prenatal visits are presented. In addition, the common discomforts of pregnancy are outlined as are methods to alleviate them. Furthermore, screening tests that are available to detect fetal physical and genetic abnormalities are also described.
This program provides the student with information on the anatomic and physiologic changes of the woman's body during pregnancy as well as fetal development through photographs, art, and animation. In addition, there is a focus on prenatal assessments performed during each trimester, including screenings for gestational diabetes.and fetal genetic abnormalities or physical anomalies.
This program has an accompanying Instructor's Guide, which include objectives, a glossary, previewing and post-viewing tests as well as discussion questions to promote critical thinking of students.

    • Real World: Features actual mothers-to-be going through assessment processes and real-time labor and delivery.
    • Current: techniques, guidelines, and other new pertinent information reflect today's standards of care.
    • New Visuals: photographs, art, and animations bring difficult to understand concepts to life.
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