The Business Environment, (with CourseMate and eBook Access Card) 1e 1st Edition
Phil Kelly | Andrew Ashwin
ISBN-13: 9781408066300 | ISBN-10: 1408066300
© 2013 | Published |  375  Pages

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The Business Environment provides a flexible and comprehensive learning experience for modern PESTLE-driven courses by using a two-tier approach. The book offers an accessible introduction to the business environment model, taking into account curriculum and blended learning developments. For those new to business and business economics it introduces the key concepts, theory and examples (covering marketing, human resource management, operations management, finance), whilst also maintaining the depth and rigour needed for both undergraduate and postgraduate level study. The accompanying CourseMate offers a host of practical material mapped specifically to each chapter, and provides the overall product with unrivalled depth and coverage for the levels targeted. This textbook is autopackaged with CourseMate. CourseMate brings course concepts to life with interactive learning, study, and exam preparation tools that support the printed textbook and the textbook-specific website. CourseMate includes an integrated eBook and interactive teaching and learning tools including quizzes, flashcards, videos, and more and an EngagementTracker, a first-of-its-kind tool that monitors student engagement in the course.

    1. Introducing the Business Environment.
    2. The Political and Legal Environment.
    3. The Economic Environment.
    4. The Social and Demographic Environment.
    5. The Technological Environment.
    6. The Competitive Environment.
    7. The Sustainable Environment.
    Part Three: FIRMS.
    8. The Concept of the Firm.
    9. Inside the Firm.
    10. The Behaviour of Firms.
    Part Four: MARKETS.
    11. Markets.
    12. The Role of Government.
    13. International Markets and Globalisation.

    • Key issues such as CSR, sustainability and enterprise are integrated throughout the chapter content and platform materials, so that they become central to the students' learning, as required by the majority of UK and European business environment course curriculums. The content closely follows the weekly teaching structure of the vast majority of UK and European courses taking a PEST(LE) approach.
    • Extensive lecturer resources, including an ExamView testbank, PowerPoint Slides and an Instructor’s Manual, support lecturers in their teaching.
    • Learning objectives at the start of each chapter help students understand what concepts they have mastered having worked through the chapter.
    • Innovative Mind Maps at the start of each chapter provide a diagrammatic representation of the content covered in the chapter to help visual learners.
    • Business in Action boxed features provide a short case study, highlighting a relevant point contained within the text and are designed to encourage critical thinking.
    • Business in Debate boxed features profile a controversial or topical issue relevant to the chapter to help students understand there are rarely ‘right answers’ in business and that different perspectives must be taken into account when making decisions.
    • A Summary section provides a bulleted list of the key points raised in the chapter and facilitates reflection upon the significance of the chapter content.
    • Revision Questions and Discussion Questions at the close of each chapter test the reader’s understanding of the key content covered in the chapter and progress their ability to analyse, synthesise and evaluate, to present a balanced argument and arrive at supported judgements.
    • End of Chapter Case Study place the content of the chapter into a context which requires developed understanding of the issues facing real businesses operating within different environments. Questions linked to the case study support assessment by translating theory into practice.
    • Autopackaged with CourseMate which brings course concepts to life with interactive learning tools that support the printed textbook.
    For more information about these supplements, or to obtain them, contact your Learning Consultant

    • Phil, formerly advisor to Asia’s highest paid CEO, worked for over 20 companies in almost as many countries prior to appointment as Senior Lecturer at Liverpool Business School. Having completed his Doctorate in Business Administration, at one of Europe’s leading Business Schools, he went on to establish himself in academia, teaching at a range of universities. An experienced lecturer, he has an MA (distinction) in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, and frequently teaches on a range of business courses. In 2012 Phil’s students nominated him for an Amazing Teacher Award. In addition, after being nominated by the Liverpool Business School, he received the University Award for outstanding impact on the student learning experience. Phil has written several books, including ‘Management – Theory and Practice Ed 7’ with Gerald Cole and, ‘International Business and Management’, both of which were published with Cengage. His books are popular texts on a range of business degree programmes. Phil lives on the Wirral with his wife Rebecca and three sons Toby, Jacob and Ben.

      Andrew has over twenty years’ experience as a teacher and author across all levels of education. His speciality lies within assessment having been a former Chair of Examiners for a major awarding body in the UK for Business and Economics, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors and a consultant for regulatory bodies. Andrew has written texts on business and economics across different levels including A-level and undergraduate economics texts and had articles published as a result of his PhD research. This research is looking at assessment and the notion of threshold concepts in economics. He is the Editor of Teaching Business and Economics, the journal of the Economics, Business and Enterprise Association (EBEA) and lives in Rutland with his wife, Sue and twin sons Alex and Johnny.