Clinical Rotations 2nd Edition
Lois Thomson | Cathy Trocquet
ISBN-13: 9781111640507 | ISBN-10: 1111640505
© 2014 | Published |  288  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780827362901

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This highly practical guide to modern health care professions includes everything students need to complement classroom learning with real-world experience. Encompassing the entire health care system, this trusted resource includes dedicated chapters on more than 20 clinical rotations. In addition to guidance on assisting and observing health care professionals across a wide variety of specialties and settings, the text includes tools and forms to help students plan, document, and assess their clinical experiences. Thoroughly updated to reflect today's dynamic health care industry, CLINICAL ROTATIONS, Second Edition, includes new content and photos in every chapter, online resources and electronic forms, and additional learning tools to help students transition from classroom study to career success.

  • 1. Nursing.
    2. Critical Care Units.
    3. Geriatrics.
    4. Maternity.
    5. Emergency Room.
    6. Imaging.
    7. Laboratory.
    8. Nuclear Medicine.
    9. Cardiopulmonary.
    10. Physical Therapy.
    11. Occupational, Recreational, Music, Art, Dance, Pet, Speech, and Industrial Rehabilitation Specialists Therapy.
    12. Cardiac Rehabilitation, Cardiac Catheterization.
    13. Sports Medicine.
    14. Dietary/Nutrition.
    15. Pharmacy.
    16. Administration.
    17. Material Management/Central Supply.
    18. Surgery.
    19. Wound Care/Lymphedema.
    20. Endoscopy.
    21. Health Care Offices.
    22. Charity Agencies.
    23. Dental.
    24. Veterinary Medicine.
    25. Health Care Skills.

    • This wide-ranging text includes information on more than 20 clinical rotations, giving students a broad perspective on today's dynamic health care system and the varied career paths they may want to explore within it.
    • The authors focus specifically on helping students complement classroom learning with relevant real-world experience in a variety of health care settings, including opportunities to observe, assist, and interact with clinical professionals.
    • Useful forms, lists, task sheets, and other practical tools take the guesswork out of planning, documenting, and evaluating clinical experiences to help ensure students enjoy valuable learning opportunities that can inform their future career choices.
    • Text-specific website offers interactive learning tools, including career success videos and customizable electronic forms featuring task lists, grade sheets, and relevant skills to help students make the most of their clinical experiences.
    • Additional online resources to enhance lesson planning and classroom instruction include assignment and project rubrics, chapter outlines, a clinical rotation report, case studies, review activities, puzzles, and web links, as well as material on leadership, problem solving, safety, medical ethics, legal issues, and medical math.
    • Every chapter has been updated, with new and revised content, images, and charts to help students gain a clear, current understanding of today's dynamic health care industry and its various career paths.
    • New concluding chapter provides explanations of all health care skills covered in the text, allowing students to quickly look up relevant skills as they review chapter material, complete assignments, or prepare for clinical rotations and course exams.
    • Each chapter concludes with a useful review of key material to help students assess their understanding and prepare to apply what they have learned, as well as a chapter outline instructors can use during lectures.
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  • Prior to her retirement, Lois Thomson served as a medical technologist in chemistry labs for 15 years and enjoyed a 25-year career in education. As a health professions teacher at Cypress Creek High School in Houston, Thomson's classroom work focused on health care science and clinical rotations. She received her bachelor of science degree in biology from Lamar University and her master of education degree from Sam Houston University. In addition, Thomson obtained medical technology certification (American Society of Clinical Pathologists) from Methodist Hospital in Houston.

    Cathy Trocquet is a registered medical technologist with the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) and a health science teacher at Cypress Creek High School in Houston. She received a bachelor of science degree in medical technology from the University of New Orleans and earned certification as a trades and industry and health science teacher through post-baccalaureate training at the University of North Texas.