Essential Study Skills 8th Edition
Linda Wong
ISBN-13: 9781285430096 | ISBN-10: 1285430093
© 2015 | Published |  516  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780495913504

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For students who need to develop the study skills required to successfully complete their college education--whether they attend a two- or four-year college or they are adult learners--ESSENTIAL STUDY SKILLS, 8th Edition, is their guide to success. Featuring the essential learning strategies for becoming a better student, this book helps students learn how to prepare for class, develop textbook reading strategies, use effective note-taking techniques, strengthen their test-taking skills, and use technology effectively. ESSENTIAL STUDY SKILLS, 8th Edition, adapts to any learning style and offers a step-by-step approach and numerous opportunities for practice throughout the textbook and accompanying CourseMate website. The new edition includes a dedicated chapter (12) entitled Using Technology, providing guidance on how students can use electronic tools to improve their study skills, conduct research (and avoid plagiarism), and succeed in online courses.

    Three Cognitive Learning Styles.
    Meyers-Briggs Learning Styles.
    Multiple Intelligences.
    Emotional Intelligence.
    Influencing Factors.
    Stress Management.
    Using Resources.
    Problem-Solving with Critical Thinking.
    Benefits of Managing Time Effectively.
    Kinds of Time Managers.
    Skillful Time Managers.
    Creating Balance.
    Create Action Plans to Meet Deadlines.
    Schedules to Organize Time.
    Using Time Wisely: Focus & Concentration.
    Managing Distracters.
    Benefits of Goal-Setting.
    Kinds of Goals.
    Kinds of Motivation.
    The GPS Goal-Setting Method.
    Plans of Action.
    Self-Monitoring Progress.
    Recognize & Deal with Procrastination.
    Locus of Control.
    Information Processing Model.
    Processing New Information.
    Processing Strategies.
    Creating Associations and Retrieval Cues.
    Processes of Rehearsing and Retrieving.
    Strategies to Strengthen Memory.
    Theories of Forgetting.
    [to come]
    Getting Acquainted with the Textbook.
    Active Reading.
    Using a Systematic Approach.
    Reading Process.
    Notetaking Systems.
    Organizational Patterns.
    Reading in Content Areas.
    Reading Graphic Materials.
    Critical Thinking Skills.
    Listening Skills.
    Classroom Communication Skills.
    Capturing Information in Notes.
    Working with Notes.
    Introduction to Basic Computer Skills for the Novice.
    Using the Internet for Research.
    Skills to Succeed in Online Courses.
    Using APPs.

    • Exercises, Check Points, Concept Checks, and Reflective Writing prompts allow frequent practice and review opportunities.
    • Essential Strategies boxes provide "quick-study" lists of strategies to use for specific purposes (such as, "Essential Strategies for Managing Stress").
    • Critical Thinking Activities help students reflect on chapter concepts.
    • Margin definitions and end-of-chapter Terms to Know provide a quick reference of key terminology and definitions for students to learn.
    • Numbered and color-coded Learning Objectives are linked throughout the chapter, from the chapter opening list and outline to major text heads and Learning Objectives Review at the end of each chapter.
    • Transfer These Skills boxes help students apply skills to other courses they are taking.
    • An appendix of textbook excerpts from a wide range of disciplines, from psychology to public speaking to health care, can be used to practice study skills. A variety of photographs and colorful figures help students to visualize chapter concepts.
    • Chapter Review Questions help students assess their understanding of essential concepts, skills, and strategies; answer keys appear in an appendix to allow self-checking.
    • Case Studies offer real-life situations for students to analyze.
    • Group Processing Collaborative Learning Activities in each chapter create a forum for student interaction and promote critical thinking skills through brainstorming, discussion, and cooperative work.
    • REVISED reading strategies chapters have been streamlined to address active reading (Chapter 8), outlining and taking notes from textbooks (Chapter 9), and reading in different content areas (Chapter 10).
    • The Essential Test Taking Skills Pull-Out Guide, at the back of the text, allows students to consult numerous test-taking strategies, for objective, recall, math, and essay test questions, at any point in the course. This information supplements Chapter 7, "Preparing for Upcoming Tests," with additional suggestions for succeeding in any testing situation and includes complementary online exercises for further practice.
    • Chapter-opening visual maps show students how to effectively "map" chapter content.
    • Chapter-opening Profile exercises allow students to assess their current skills and determine the learning objectives on which they need to focus.
    • NEW Chapter 12, Using Technology, provides guidance on how students can use electronic tools to improve their study skills, conduct research (and avoid plagiarism), and succeed in online courses.
    • NEW chapter organization presents time- and self-management skills (such as managing stress) earlier, so students learn valuable techniques to use throughout the semester.
    • NEW separate chapters on time management (Chapter 3) and Goal Setting (Chapter 4).
    • REVISED chapters on memory (now Chapters 5 and 6) have been streamlined and simplified to focus on practical strategies.
    • REVISED chapter 7, Preparing for Upcoming Tests, now includes more on taking essay exams.
  • "I believe that some of my favorite features of the book include the use of mapping to get the student focused on the objectives and their relationships; room to write ideas and thoughts as they read; then the breaks of questions, quizzes and exercises to break up their reading. This is important because (including me) students will breeze through text without stopping to think about what they are reading and by having these 'breaks' the student's eyes are drawn to these and may cause them to read that at least and then go back to read if needed."- Valerie Cunningham, Collin College

For more information about these supplements, or to obtain them, contact your Learning Consultant

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  • After receiving her MEd in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Oregon in 1970, Linda Wong started her teaching career in the Springfield School District in Oregon. After six years, Linda left the classroom to start an educational consulting business, which included self-publishing classroom activity books, teaching adjunct courses in the Northwest, and operating a school supply store. In 1983, she returned to the classroom to begin a 22-year teaching career in the Academic Learning Skills Department at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. At Lane, Linda taught developmental education and college study skills courses and actively participated in curriculum development projects, the Women's Transition Program, programs for students with learning disabilities, and the campus Diversity Team. Linda retired and relocated to Las Vegas in 2001 where she explored teaching in a temporary position at a charter school, providing private tutoring for a family of five, and writing training video scripts for online business courses. Linda has continued her involvement in education as an educational consultant, a presenter at national conferences, and an author of several textbooks. After several years of freelancing as a writer of magazine articles and a reviewer for several college textbook publishers, Linda began her career as a textbook writer in 1994 with the first edition of ESSENTIAL STUDY SKILLS. She continues authoring textbooks and exploring other avenues of writing. Linda has one son, Kailee, and four beautiful grandchildren.