Culture and Values: A Survey of the Western Humanities 8th Edition
Lawrence S. Cunningham | John J. Reich | Lois Fichner-Rathus
ISBN-13: 9781285449326 | ISBN-10: 1285449320
© 2015 | Published |  880  Pages

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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CULTURE AND VALUES: A SURVEY OF THE WESTERN HUMANITIES uses a new and exciting format to introduce students to art, music, philosophy, and literature--from the beginnings of civilization to the contemporary world--with more coverage of photography, film, digital media, and popular music than in past editions of this popular text. New co-author Lois Fichner-Rathus brings her spirit, pedagogical expertise, clear conversational style, and love of teaching to this beautifully written and illustrated book. Students will appreciate the new features, designed to encourage critical thinking and help them master the material: integrated primary source readings with guided discussions, chapter previews, timelines, "Compare and Contrast" sections, and "Big Picture" reviews. The eighth edition also provides expanded and updated in-depth discussions of the music for each period, "Values and Voices" boxes, and high-quality images with clear captions. Instructors will appreciate the wide range of digital instructor resources that will help them save time when preparing for class. iTunes® and Spotify listings of the music make it easy for students to download only the music that they need. An optional set of online resources is also available to students to help them prepare for classes and exams.

  • The Arts: An Introduction.
    1. Beginnings.
    2. The Rise of Greece.
    3. Classical Greece and the Hellenistic Period.
    4. Rome.
    5. The Rise of the Biblical Tradition.
    6. Early Christianity: Ravenna and Byzantium.
    7. Islam.
    8. The Rise of Medieval Culture.
    9. The High Middle Ages.
    10. The Fourteenth Century: A Time of Transition.
    11. The Renaissance in the Fifteenth Century.
    12. The High Renaissance and Mannerism in Italy.
    13. The High Renaissance in the North.
    14. The Seventeenth Century: The Baroque Era.
    15. The Eighteenth Century.
    16. Romanticism, Realism, and Photography.
    17. Toward the Modern Era: 1870-1914.
    18. The World at War.
    19. The Contemporary Contour.

    • The timeline at the beginning of each chapter includes a listing of key events, providing students with historical context for the culture and values that developed and emerged during the period and location under discussion.
    • Each chapter includes a discussion of the role of music, the characteristics of the music, and the significance of important works within each culture and historical period.
    • Each image includes a clear caption that helps your students understand and remember the significance of each site or work of art.
    • The "Voices" boxes that appear in each chapter are excerpted from letters, journals, and narratives of the covered time period. They provide students with first-hand insights into the day-to-day concerns and experiences of the individuals living during each historical period.
    • "Values" boxes in each chapter describe the underlying issues or concerns unifying the works of a given era, examining their root causes and their impact on the works produced during that era.
    • A comprehensive set of digital resources, delivered via CourseMate or in a format designed to work with the Learning Management System used at your school, is available with the text. It includes an interactive eBook, flashcards, videos, quizzes, glossary, flashcards, related links, exercises, and more. All make it easier for students to learn the material, develop critical-thinking skills, and study for exams.
    • The expanded PowerLecture™ with Digital Image Library for instructors includes the entire library of high resolution images, as well as updated PowerPoint® Lectures, the Instructor Manual, and a Test Bank.
    • CULTURE AND VALUES is available in a single comprehensive volume or two volumes split at the Renaissance. Volume I includes Chapters 1-12 (up to and including the High Renaissance); Volume II includes Chapters 12-19 (the High Renaissance to the 21st Century).
    • CULTURE AND VALUES: A SURVEY OF THE WESTERN HUMANITIES provides a well-balanced blend of art, literature, philosophy, and music for Western culture throughout history--all presented in a clear, conversational style.
    • NEW: "Compare + Contrast" helps students develop critical-thinking skills. This new feature presents two or more works of art or literature side by side, discusses the characteristics of each work, and poses questions that help students focus on the stylistic and technical similarities and differences.
    • NEW: Chapter-opening preview sections connect events from the previous chapter and set the stage for the material to come.
    • NEW: Integrated readings throughout each chapter are accompanied by guided discussions to help students make connections and understand the significance of each selection.
    • NEW: "The Big Picture," a visual summary that closes each chapter, provides a helpful full-page resource for review and retention. It includes a bulleted listing of the most important characteristics of each period discussed in the chapter, accompanied by small illustrations of characteristic works of the period.
    • NEW: This edition presents expanded coverage of photography, film, and digital media.
    • NEW: Music selections are now provided via iTunes® and YouTube lists and links, instead of CD sets. Students can acquire and/or access only the selections that they need and want for the course. Music icons in the text identify all musical selections.
    • NEW: A glossary at the end of each chapter provides a quick guide to key terms introduced in the chapter.
    • NEW: The resources section at the end of each chapter now includes a listing of links to online resources that provide additional information and readings related to the historical period, works, and concepts presented in the chapter.
  • "Despite having read many textbooks on the same topics, I found reading this book pleasurable due to the writing style."

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  • Lawrence S. Cunningham is John A. O'Brien Professor of Theology (Emeritus) at the University of Notre Dame. The author or editor of over 25 books and hundreds of essays and reviews, his books reflect his interest in the history of Christian spirituality, hagiography, the intersection of theology and culture, as well as the relationship of contemplation and action. Professor Cunningham is the recipient of three honorary doctorates and the winner of Notre Dame's Presidential Award for service to academy and church (2002) and the Christus Magister award from the University of Portland in 2011 for distinguished scholarship and teaching. He has served as a visiting lecturer in this country and in Europe, Asia, and South Africa.

    A native of England, John J. Reich was trained as a classical archaeologist and did both his undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Manchester. He is an authority on Minoan civilization, pre-Roman Italy, and music. Professor Reich is associated with the Syracuse University study program in Florence, Italy. He lectures frequently in Europe and the United States on history, art, and the humanities and is the author of many scholarly articles and several books, including ITALY BEFORE ROME (1979).

    Lois Fichner-Rathus is professor of art in the Department of Art and Art History of The College of New Jersey. She holds a combined undergraduate degree in fine arts and art history, an M.A. from the Williams College Graduate Program in the History of Art, and a Ph.D. in the History, Theory, and Criticism of Art from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her areas of specialization include contemporary art, feminist art history and criticism, and modern art and architecture, as well as the theory and foundations of art and design. Dr. Fichner-Rathus is also the author of the Cengage Learning textbooks UNDERSTANDING ART and FOUNDATIONS OF ART AND DESIGN. She teaches study-abroad programs in Paris, Rome, Spain, and Cuba and resides in New York.