Human Diseases 5th Edition
Marianne Neighbors | Ruth Tannehill-Jones
Human Diseases 4th Edition
Marianne Neighbors | Ruth Tannehill-Jones
ISBN-13: 9781285065922 | ISBN-10: 1285065921
© 2015 | Published |  592  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781435427518

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Now it its fourth edition, HUMAN DISEASES has been updated and expanded to include the cutting-edge topics and features students need today. This best-selling pathophysiology text first delivers basic anatomy and physiology in a reader-friendly manner, then explores the diseases and disorders health care professionals see and treat most. Intuitively organized, chapters present each disease’s description, etiology, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Readings also incorporate contemporary issues in health care, including the impending ICD-10 switchover, pharmacology concerns, herbal and non-traditional remedies, new research findings, and current statistics. Designed to simplify pathology, HUMAN DISEASES, 4th Edition lightens heavy concepts with thought-provoking vignettes and cases, highlighted features, colorful photography and illustrations, and an unmatched variety of interactive learning and streamlined course preparation tools.

    1. Introduction to Human Diseases
    2. Mechanisms of Disease.
    3. Neoplasms.
    4. Inflammation and Infection.
    5. Immune System Diseases and Disorders.
    6. Musculoskeletal System Diseases and Disorders.
    7. Blood and Blood-Forming Organ Diseases and Disorders.
    8. Cardiovascular System Diseases and Disorders.
    9. Respiratory System Diseases and Disorders.
    10. Lymphatic System Diseases and Disorders.
    11. Digestive System Diseases and Disorders.
    12. Liver, Gallbladder, and Pancreatic Diseases and Disorders
    13. Urinary System Diseases and Disorders.
    14. Endocrine System Diseases and Disorders.
    15. Nervous System Diseases and Disorders.
    16. Eye and Ear Diseases and Disorders.
    17. Reproductive System Diseases and Disorders.
    18. Integumentary System Diseases and Disorders.
    19. Genetic and Developmental Diseases and Disorders.
    20. Childhood Diseases and Disorders.
    21. Mental Health Diseases and Disorders.

    • “Healthy Highlights” throughout include tips for health promotion and disease prevention, while case studies present real-life scenarios in health care settings.
    • Clear and Concise Artwork: Meticulous, full-color illustrations and photographs depict body systems and the impacts of disease to help learners better comprehend important material.
    • Simplified Instruction: The available Instructor Resource CD-ROM streamlines course preparation with a computerized testbank and Instructor's Manual, as well as PowerPoint® slides that coordinate with textbook chapters.
    • Integrated Focus: Chapter readings integrate pharmacology.
    • “Glimpse of the Future” and “Complementary and Alternative Therapy” features discuss new and unconventional treatments.
    • Expanded Photography: Improved and added color photos help make abstract descriptions of diseases and disorders more tangible for readers.
    • Modern Medicine: Critical updates to the 4th Edition of HUMAN DISEASES reflect the latest diagnostic testing, new and emerging diseases, current statistics, and integration of pharmacology content into the readings.
    • New “Consider This….” feature added to each chapter addresses new and interesting facts for readers to ponder and apply to their own health care careers.
    • New eLearning Tools: Available interactive tools designed especially to support the text include an eBook format, as well as CourseMate.
  • “Overall, I like this book. It has qualities that I have been looking for such as: inclusion of medical terminology explanations, pharmacology, and complementary therapies.” - Deborah Cipale RN, MSN, Des Moines Area Community College

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  • Dr. Neighbors is Professor Emeritus at the University of Arkansas, Eleanor Mann School of Nursing in Fayetteville.

    Retired after 28 years in staff nursing, nursing education, and hospital administration, Ms. Tannehill-Jones served most recently as Vice President, Patient Care Services for Mercy Health System NWA, St. Mary’s Hospital.