Understanding Construction Drawings For Housing and Small Business 3rd Edition
Tom Stephenson
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Previous Editions: 9780176501686

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Understanding Construction Drawings for Housing and Small Buildings, Third Edition is the only Canadian textbook on the market designed to help students learn to read the construction drawings used to communicate information about buildings. Included with the text are five sets of fully detailed construction drawings from different companies. These drawings cover both metric and imperial units of measurement and cover various perspectives and layouts, providing students with hands-on visuals for their learning. This text references the most up-to-date National Building Code of Canada and has been updated with additional content and information pertaining to sustainable building practices, energy efficiency, building information modelling (BIM) and three-dimensional (3D) images, engineered flooring systems, and more.  Understanding Construction Drawings for Housing and Small Buildings provides students in the building trades with straightforward, step-by-step guidance to master the skill of reading and understanding construction drawings, opening the door for numerous career choices not only on construction sites but also in other industries related to housing.

  • Chapter 1: Construction Drawings: An Overview
    Chapter 2: Measurement Systems, Scales, and Line Types
    Chapter 3: Elevation and Floor-Plan Drawings
    Chapter 4: Abbreviations, Hatchings, Symbols, Construction Notes, and Detail Drawings
    Chapter 5: Reading Site Plans, Zoning, The Permit Process, and Building Code Enforcement
    Chapter 6: Footings, Foundations, Dampproofing, and Waterproofing
    Chapter 7: Methods Of Residential Construction and Floor Framing
    Chapter 8: Wall Framing
    Chapter 9: Roof Framing
    Chapter 10: Exterior Finishes: Walls, Roofs, and Concrete Slabs
    Chapter 11: Mechanical and Electrical Sub-Trades
    Chapter 12: The Building Envelope
    Chapter 13: Interior Finishes, Kitchens, and Stairs
    Chapter 14: Specifications and Contracts
    Chapter 15: An Introduction To Drawings and Details for Renovation and Multiple-Unit Buildings
    Chapter 16: Introduction To Small Buildings And Institutional Commercial Industrial (ICI) Type Drawings

    Appendix A: Assignment Answers
    Appendix B: Math Review
    Appendix C: Squaring a Corner Using the Pythagorean Formula
    Appendix D: Calculating Headroom for Stairs
    Appendix E: Web References

    • Each chapter opens with a boxed set of Learning Objectives, followed by a chapter introduction.
    • Key terms in bold with list at end of chapter and definitions provided in glossary
    • One to two Student Assignments per chapter with answers in appendix at back of text
    • One Quiz Review per chapter
    • Online Instructor Resources include: Instructor's Manual, Computerized Testbank, PowePoints, Image Library, Blueprints, and DayOne presentation
    • References most up-to-date National Building Code of Canada
    • New 2-colour interior design
    • Expanded coverage of imperial units with over 160 additional imperial based assignments and quiz questions, as this industry still relies on imperial units.
    • Expanded coverage on the new home efficiency practices coming to the forefront in the construction business, including addressing sustainable building practices, climate change, and energy conservation
    • Five complete sets of drawings are included with each new purchase of the text: Doncaster Drawings, Whittington Drawings, The Brook Drawings, Khalmur Crescent Drawings, and Mini Mart Drawings
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  • Online Instructor Resources for Understanding Construction Drawings
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  • Tom has been a full time Professor at George Brown College since 1992. He has been an active member of the Greater Toronto Home Builders Association since 1992 and has participated on the Renovation Executive Committee and the Education Committee of the Ontario Home Builders Association, and National Education and Training Advisory Committee of Canadian Home Builders Association. He also teaches Project Management at the Toronto Construction Association and Coordinates the Building Science Certificate program at the University of Toronto.

    Tom authored, developed, and coordinates the Building Renovation and Restoration Technician, and Technology Programs at George Brown. These programs are unique in that they combine both Business skills with trade skills. Tom also has worked extensively with Mattamy Homes (one of North America’s most respected builders) in developing their in house employee training program. Prior to teaching Tom owned managed and operated a mid-sized General Contracting Company, and holds three Trade Licenses: General Carpenter, Brick and Stone Mason and Industrial Woodworker.

    He holds two degrees a Bachelor of Administrative Studies and a Master of Business Administration.