Foundations of Aural Rehabilitation: Children, Adults, and Their Family Members 4th Edition
Nancy Tye-Murray
ISBN-13: 9781133281429 | ISBN-10: 1133281427
© 2015 | Published |  800  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781428312159

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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FOUNDATIONS OF AURAL REHABILITATION: ADULTS, CHILDREN, AND THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS, 4th Edition introduces the fundamentals of rehabilitative audiology and hearing-related speech-language pathology in an easy-to-read style, along with concrete suggestions for delivering high-quality services.
Designed for both classroom learners and as a reference for professionals, this widely-used book entwines theory with clinical practice, and presents research-based information for identifying, diagnosing, and treating hearing loss and hearing-related communication disorders. I
Important topics include patient-centered services, auditory training for adults and for children, speechreading, counseling, selection and fitting of listening devices, conversational fluency and communication strategies training, and language and speech promotion.
Divided into sections to cover adult and child populations separately, the book distills readings into important "Take Home" points illustrated by representative research reports, case studies and anecdotes, example procedures, and lively figures.

  • 1. Introduction.
    2. Adults who Have Hearing Loss.
    3. Assessing Hearing Acuity and Speech Recognition.
    4. Listening Devices and Related Technology.
    5. Auditory-Only Speech Perception and Auditory Training for Adults.
    6. Audiovisual Speech Perception and Speechreading Training for Adults.
    7. Communication Strategies and Conversational Styles.
    8. Assessment of Conversational Fluency and Communication Difficulties.
    9. Communication Strategies Training.
    10. Counseling, Psychosocial Support, and Assertiveness Training.
    11. Aural Rehabilitation Plans for Adults.
    12. Aural Rehabilitation Plans for Older Adults.
    13. Detection and Confirmation of Hearing Loss in Children.
    14. Infants and Toddlers.
    15. School-age Children.
    16. Auditory and Speechreading Training for Children.
    17. Speech, Language, and Literacy.

    • Clear presentation: Consistent organization, concise topics, and an easy-to-read writing style give readers the practical and theoretical side of every concept for a wide perspective of hearing-related communication issues and treatments.
    • Better Context: Real-life case studies and specific examples bolster the readings for a deeper understanding of the material and better classroom performance.
    • Supportive Findings: Exemplary research findings help readers understand not only the "what" and "how" of aural rehabilitation, but also the "why."
    • Targeted Goals: Emphasizing a "Take-Home" message for each topic helps readers focus on critical information while culling the distracting minutia.
    • Noteworthy Features: Attention-getting illustrations, interesting sidebar features, detailed appendices, and key resources noted throughout the book motivate readers to explore topics to their fullest.
    • New chapters devoted to infants and toddlers with hearing loss provide a comprehensive overview of how to diagnose and treat the smallest patients and provide support services to their families.
    • Expanded coverage on patient-centered aural rehabilitation, listening devices and technology, communication strategies and styles, conversational fluency, auditory training for adults versus for children, speechreading, and counseling.
    • Improved organization by dividing chapters into two distinct sections of "adult and children" to help build a foundation around adult-related disorders, and then later understand the more specialized, child-related topics. New chapters on listening, speechreading, infants and toddlers, and speech, language, and literacy. , All chapters have been significantly revised, with new consideration of the daily rewards and responsibilities that come with audiology and speech-language pathology careers.
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  • Nancy Tye-Murray is a professor in the Department of Otolaryngology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, and an Adjunct Professor at New Zealand's University of Canterbury. A founder of the University of Iowa Cochlear Implant Aural Rehabilitation Programs, she also served as Director of Research for Central Institute for the Deaf. In addition to developing several communication strategies training programs, auditory training programs, and speechreading tests, Dr. Tye-Murray is the principle investigator of three National Institutes of Health RO1 grants. Her research focuses on the effects of aging on audiovisual speech recognition, discourse comprehension, and auditory training, as well as audiovisual speech processing by children who have normal and impaired hearing. The author of six books and more than 100 peer-reviewed research papers, Dr. Tye-Murray is also a popular speaker both nationally and internationally.