Exploring Adobe® InDesign Creative Cloud 1st Edition
Terry Rydberg
ISBN-13: 9781305263642 | ISBN-10: 1305263642
© 2015 | Published |  416  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781285843520

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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With many software guides serving as high-tech "recipe books," teaching cookie-cutter habits with little relevance to complex, real-world projects, EXPLORING ADOBE INDESIGN Creative Cloud takes a different approach. Emphasizing on fundamental design principles, critical thinking skills, and practical applications to prepare students for professional success, this unique text features step-by-step tutorials, vibrant illustrations, and realistic exercises to engage students' interest while helping them develop essential software skills. Each chapter builds on what students have learned, guiding them from exploring basic operations to creating complex documents with confidence and efficiency. In addition to mastering InDesign--including standard functionality and features new to Creative Cloud--the text prepares students to analyze new design projects, identify potential challenges, develop effective strategies, and apply industry-standard principles and practices to execute their plans successfully.

  • 1. The InDesign Workspace.
    2. Type, Tools, and Terms.
    3. The Fine Art of Setting Type.
    4. Combining Type and Images.
    5. Tabs and Tables.
    6. Grids, Guides, and Aligning Objects.
    7. Text Wrap, Layers, and Effects.
    8. Type Continuity: Applying Styles.
    9. Master Pages and Object Styles.
    10. Identity Systems.
    11. Designing with Type.
    12. Color Essentials.
    13. Production Essentials.
    14. Basic Graphic Elements.

    • Provides detailed and accurate coverage of new features and capabilities specific to Adobe InDesign, and also emphasizes typography and fundamental design principles essential for professional success.
    • Instructional content and practical exercises are project-based to help students hone their knowledge and skills while using Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud to create accurate, editable, printable documents.
    • Each chapter builds on previous topics and reiterates core techniques to accelerate skill development and retention, while numerous supplemental projects allow students to apply what they have learned with minimal direction.
    • Online Artwork and Resource files contain directions and all the necessary components for completing additional projects that correspond to each chapter's learning goals.
    • With over two decades of experiences as an accomplished page layout professional and educator, the authordesigned the text with a strong emphasis on appealing visuals to support student learning and encourage mastery of the material.
    • Meet your students where they work--in the cloud. Publishing in Fall 2014, Exploring Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud, has been fully revised to meet Adobe's most recent Creative Cloud updates.
    • Coverage of the newest InDesign functions and tools bring relevancy to your course while helping students maximize their potential with the software and familiarize themselves with Creative Cloud.
    • Newly released Creative Cloud features have been thoroughly integrated into the book, as well as the accompanying CourseMate website, which reinforces new skills and concepts learned in the book.
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  • Terry Rydberg, chapter rep for Adobe's Milwaukee InDesign User Group, is a full-time design instructor at the Harry V. Quadracci Printing and Graphics Center at Waukesha County Technical College. With more than two decades of experience as a page layout professional and corporate trainer, she has seen the graphics industry evolve from phototypesetting and paste-up to digital production methods. In addition to her activities as a designer and educator, Rydberg is the author of numerous textbooks on page layout and graphic design. Her educational background includes undergraduate degrees in graphic design, printing and publishing, and adult education, as well as a master's degree in education.