Records Management 10th Edition
Judy Read | Mary Lea Ginn
ISBN-13: 9781305119161 | ISBN-10: 1305119169
© 2016 | Published |  448  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780538731416

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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RECORDS MANAGEMENT, Tenth Edition, provides a comprehensive introduction to the complex field of records management. The text features sound principles of records and information management that include the entire range of records—physical (paper), image records, and electronic media used in computerized systems. Part I, Records and Information Management, provides thorough coverage of alphabetic filing rules, as well as methods of storing and retrieving alphabetic, subject, numeric, and geographic records. The rules agree with the latest standard filing guidelines presented by ARMA International. Part II, Electronic Records Management, introduces electronic records file management as well as classifying electronic files using metadata, taxonomies, and file plans; and the use of magnetic, optical and solid state media through the phases of the records management life cycle.A new chapter introduces Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and describes how Microsoft SharePoint is used in Records Management. Part III, RIM Program Administration, delves into the records and information management (RIM) program components and guidelines; with expanded coverage of information governance, social media, and the records and information manager's responsibilities. In addition to content based on ARMA International standards and best practices, the text features realistic database activities, profiles of real-world professionals, and practical advice and examples to prepare students for career success. The Tenth Edition features extensive updates, including a restructuring of the chapters to reflect the growing importance of electronic records management.

    1. Records and Information Management.
    2. The RIM Environment.
    3. Alphabetic Indexing Rules 1-4.
    4. Alphabetic Indexing Rules 5-8.
    5. Alphabetic Indexing Rules 9-10.
    6. Alphabetic Records Management, Equipment, and Procedures.
    7. Storing, Retrieving, and Transferring Records.
    8. Subject Records Management.
    9. Numeric Records Management.
    10. Geographic Records Management.
    11. Electronic Records File Management.
    12. Electronic Media and Image Records.
    13. Electronic Records Management Tools.
    14. Managing a RIM Program.

    • Eye-catching, full-color illustrations and photos provide realistic examples of filing supplies, file drawers, filing systems, and electronic records.
    • An available Microsoft™ Access® tutorial helps readers learn and strengthen basic software skills, while Access database activities included throughout the text and online are available to reinforce these skills.
    • "Career Corner" features provide information about various careers in records management (including job descriptions and profiles of real-world professionals), while Internet activities in each chapter provide a hands-on way to bring the world of work into the classroom.
    • "On the Job" features open each chapter by showcasing interviews with professionals in the field, providing real-world relevance to help readers appreciate the concepts to be covered in the pages ahead.
    • Text content and activities are carefully designed to reflect the realities of professional practice: a comprehensive practice set provides realistic activities for filing and retrieval of both paper and electronic records, while rules compatible with ARMA International standards and best practices are included throughout the text.
    • A recurring "My Records" feature provides valuable information related to the management of personal records.
    • The Tenth Edition includes a new chapter devoted to Enterprise Content Management (ECM), describing four business processes and detailing how Microsoft® SharePoint is used in the field of records and information management.
    • The text is now divided into three sections. Part I, Records and Information Management, introduces the student to the area of records and information management, the environment in which RIM lives, alphabetic storage and retrieval methods for physical and electronic systems, and subject, numeric, and geographic storage methods. Part II, Electronic Records Management, introduces electronic records file management; using metadata, taxonomies, file plans, and databases; magnetic, optical, and solid state media through the phases of the records management life cycle; and Enterprise Content Management. Part III, RIM Program Administrator, introduces the records and information (RIM) program components, guidelines, and responsibilities.
    • MindTap Records Management is now available, which includes auto-graded in-text activities ,a useful study guide, and more.
    • The authors have thoroughly updated the text to reflect the latest technology and techniques relevant to records management, such as Enterprise Content Management and the use of SharePoint; classifying electronic files using metadata, taxonomies and file plans; details about the records and information manager's responsibilities; wikis, blogs, text messages, instant messaging, social media, and more.
  • "Love the new updated information. This information changes so quickly with the changes we have in technology that we have to stay on top of it."

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  • Judith Read, M. Ed., is a professional educator who taught high school for nine years and has taught for more than 28 years at Portland Community College (PCC). She was named Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year by the Oregon Business Education Association and by the Oregon Vocational Association. She is now an adjunct instructor teaching distance classes for PCC, as well as an active member of ARMA International and the Oregon Chapter of ARMA. Read holds ARMA International certificates in Essentials of RIM and SharePoint Records Management.

    Mary Lea Ginn, Ph.D., is Director of International Student Services and the Institutional Review Board at Union Institute & University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her professional experience includes positions as a university instructor, textbook development editor, and consulting editor in business and records management areas. Dr. Ginn has authored and co-authored four college-level textbooks.