Fitness Trainer Essentials: For the Personal Trainer 3rd Edition
Tony Attridge | Martin Felice
ISBN-13: 9780170356176 | ISBN-10: 0170356175
© 2016 | Published |  560  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781442581715

Binding Format:

Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
US $73
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Beat your personal best by working the core to becoming a Fitness Trainer

This Australian internationally recognised text has been designed to assist students undertaking the SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness qualification, studying to become personal or fitness trainers. The text contains core and elective units to support a range of fitness specialisations.

Fitness Trainer Essentials 3e teaches the basics of fitness and nutrition principles, covers more on functional testing and nutritional assessment and guidelines. With a shift to full colour throughout and an abundance of new and improved images, charts and diagrams, this new edition is the most comprehensive text reflecting current industry standards and practices.

Fitness Trainer Essentials 3e assumes that the reader has acquired the Certificate III in Fitness qualification. Therefore the topics covered in the text by Marchese have not been repeated in this text. Additional review questions are also available to retouch on key points from a Certificate III perspective.

  • Part 1: Exercise Science in Action
    1. Exercise science
    2. Long-term exercise planning and programming

    Part 2: Client Welfare
    3. Motivational psychology
    4. Working collaboratively
    5. Postural appraisal for low risk participants

    Part 3: Training Considerations
    6. Nutrition and body composition
    7. Plan and deliver personal training
    8. Plan and deliver exercise for older clients with managed conditions
    9. Plan and deliver exercise for children and young adolescents
    10. Aquatic activities for specific population groups

    Part 4: Business
    11. Business basics

    A. Adult Pre-exercise Screening Tool
    B. Functional movement scoring sheet
    C. Informed consent for participation in fitness program
    D. Physician referral
    E. Personal training agreement
    F. Fitness lifestyle questionnaire
    G. Fitness assessment preparation
    H. Personal training session plan
    I. Client screening reflection
    J. Professional conduct for ASCTA members

    • A list of objectives at the beginning of each chapter sets out the main concepts and skills to be covered
    • Workout exercises help consolidate learning
    • Key terms are highlighted throughout and referenced in a glossary at the back of the book for ease of reference
    • Case study activities to provide practical application of skills
    • Tip Boxes showcases key information a trainer should know
    • End of chapter review questions helps to revise topics being learned
    • Numerous illustrations and photographs to clearly demonstrate concepts, anatomical terms, equipment and positions that every fitness trainer needs to know
    • Detailed mapping of content to units of competency, elements and performance criteria from the current SIS Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package. Speak with your Learning Consultant for purchasing options.
    • New full colour textbook clearly identifies images for visual learners
    • New activities and visuals aid with understanding key topics and changes in the industry
    • Increased coverage of warmup duration and upper body activities re: soreness, coverage of transfer effect etc ensures students are aware of importance of proper preparation for exercise
    • New content on nutrition reflects current industry standards and scope of practice
    • New and revised content on anatomy and exercise science coverage
    • New content on functional testing
    • Robust Instructor package now including solutions manual, workout templates, customisable PowerPoints, artwork and more to make teaching easier
    • New CourseMate Express website for the student, including quizzes, additional exercises, learning objectives and so much more to reinforce learning
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  • Tony Attridge is passionate about the fitness industry. He owns The College of Health and Fitness, an RTO based in Queensland, as well as lectured at major universities in Australia. Tony is a qualified exercise physiologist, sports psychologist, ISSN nutritionist, Level 3 strength and conditioning coach, Level 2 altitude training coach and a qualified teacher. This combination of skills enables him to apply specific training principles and get into the heads of his clients to elicit their absolute best. Tony has trained athletes at every Olympic Games since 1992, as well as Commonwealth Games, and has trained many other elite athletes, and fitness and bodybuilding competitors.

    Martin Felice is an accredited exercise physiologist, soft tissue therapist and strength and conditioning coach. He is currently completing his Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree. Martin has a vast background in education in the areas of PDHPE, fitness and sports coaching. Martin is the proprietor of a successful business that has operated for over ten years in exercise physiology, personal training and soft tissue therapy.