The Business Communication Handbook with Student Resource Access 12 Months 10th Edition
Judith Dwyer | Nicole Hopwood
ISBN-13: 9780170354172 | ISBN-10: 0170354172
© 2016 | Published |  784  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781442580930

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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The Business Communication Handbook, 10e covers a broad range of communication principles, practices and skills that will help you grow in your chosen career.

The Business Communication Handbook, 10e is designed to cover a range of skills required in today’s busy workplaces with a special focus on business communication. Written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills are essential for personal development, employment and active involvement in our social and professional lives.

Closely aligned to the national competencies of the new BSB Business Services Training Package, The Business Communication Handbook, 10e is divided in to the following sections:
• Workplace Communication
• Team Effectiveness
• Workplace Documents
• Career Development

Students undertaking the BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business and BSB40515 Certificate IV in Business Administration will find that the text is closely aligned with the competencies and content of these courses.

  • Part 1: Workplace Communication
    Chapter 1 Communicate in today’s workplace
    Chapter 2 Develop interpersonal, negotiation and conflict management skills
    Chapter 3 Organise workplace information
    Chapter 4 Manage work priorities and professional development
    Chapter 5 Deliver presentations and speeches
    Chapter 6 Implement and monitor a safe workplace
    Chapter 7 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
    Ready for work: Workplace communication

    Part 2: Team Effectiveness
    Chapter 8 Lead effective workplace relationships
    Chapter 9 Manage team effectiveness
    Chapter 10 Lead and develop teams and individuals
    Chapter 11 Deliver and monitor service to customers
    Chapter 12 Manage quality customer service
    Chapter 13 Organise and manage meetings
    Ready for work: Team effectiveness

    Part 3: Workplace Documents
    Chapter 14 Analyse and present research information
    Chapter 15 Business writing: Paper-based and electronic
    Chapter 16 Write business letters
    Chapter 17 Write emails, memos and short reports
    Chapter 18 Write long reports
    Chapter 19 Write technical documents and proposals
    Chapter 20 Record keeping
    Chapter 21 Communicate visually through graphics
    Ready for work: Workplace documents

    Part 4: Career Development
    Chapter 22 Develop job-seeking skills
    Ready for work: Career development

    • Mapped to units of competency from the latest BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business and BSB40515 Certificate IV in Business Administration qualifications
    • Summary of the chapter aligned to the learning objectives to provide a concise overview of the main points in the chapter and a tool for study and revision
    • 44 New and revised case studies promote critical thinking and an understanding of situations arising in the workplace
    • Includes FREE 12 month subscription to Search Me! Business. Fast and convenient, this resource is updated daily and provides you with 24-hour access to full-text articles from hundreds of scholarly and popular journals, e-books, and newspapers, including The Australian and The New York Times.
    • Ready for work sections located at the end of each Part to provide students with the opportunity to reflect on their employability skills
    • Review questions, updated practice exercises, learning activities and group assignments to consolidate knowledge and build skills
    • Key terms listed after the summary of each chapter to provide a quick review of important terms
    • Two new competencies covered
    • New and revised content, trends, research and reports to bring it in line with today’s generations
    • Two new competencies added – Recordkeeping and Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
    • Updated content regarding developing job seeking skills, searching for a position, writing up resumes and more
    • Full rewrite of the WHS chapter making it the most up-to-date information on this topic
    • Greater focus on sustainability in the business environment
    • Social Media integrated throughout and how it has become an important aspect in today’s society
    • New Icon links students to online material, research, cases and more
    • CourseMate Express Website for additional student study tools including quizzes, flashcards, activities and more
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  • The Business Communication Handbook Instructor’s Manual
    ISBN-10: 0170360210 | ISBN-13:9780170360210
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    The Instructor’s Manual provides you with a wealth of content to help set up and administer your subject. It includes Learning Objectives, Suggestions for Teachers, Activities, Workshops, Group Discussion, Case Studies, Project, Online Research Project, Mapping Grid.
    The Business Communication Handbook PowerPoint Slides
    ISBN-10: 0170360229 | ISBN-13:9780170360227
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    Chapter-by-chapter PowerPoint presentations cover the main concepts addressed within the text and can be edited to suit your own requirements. Use these slides to enhance your lecture presentations and to reinforce the key principles of your subject, or for student handouts.
    The Business Communication Handbook CourseMate Express
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    CourseMate Express Premium Website brings course concepts to life with interactive learning, study, and exam preparation tools that support the textbook. Watch student comprehension soar! CourseMate Express Premium Website includes interactive teaching and learning tools including quizzes, flashcards, videos, and more, and Engagement Tracker, a first-of-its-kind tool that monitors student engagement in the course.
    The Business Communication Handbook Artwork
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    Artwork files includes digital files of graphs, tables, pictures and flow charts from the text that can be used in a variety of media. Add them into your course management system, use them in student handouts, or include them in your lecture presentations.

  • Judith Dwyer, M Mgt, BEc, Dip Ed, AIMM, has worked in education and training for many years. Judith’s specialisation in cross-industry management and communication studies provided invaluable experience for her role as Managing Director of a nationally recognised Registered Training Organisation (RTO). She has taught communication skills to business students within the TAFE and VET sector for more than 20 years and is the author of many bestselling textbooks.

    Nicole is a contributing author to this edition, contributing to two chapters. Nicole works in the industry as a financial consultant.