Infection Control Manual for Healthcare Professionals 1st Edition
Elizabeth Shipsey-Eldridge | Janet Kerswell Unnasch
ISBN-13: 9780170261609 | ISBN-10: 0170261603
© 2016 | Published |  160  Pages

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Infection Control Manual for Healthcare Professionals is essential for all students and trainees enrolled in HLTIN301C Comply with infection control policies and procedures. It educates healthcare students practicing in a clinical setting by providing a comprehensive understanding of infection control. The text is mapped to competency HLTIN301C and provides valuable underpinning knowledge and skills required to reduce infection transmission, prevention and control.

Handy in size, complete with spiral binding and coated paper, make this handbook a great resources for use within clinical settings, or as a reference guide. Informative and user-friendly, students and trainees receive the most comprehensive coverage of infection control. In addition, an array of auxiliary resources save on instructor preparation and teaching time, as well as reinforce student learning outside of the classroom.

  • 1. Basic microbiology and infectious diseases
    2. Disease transmission
    3. Identifying and responding to infection risks
    4. Following infection control guidelines
    5. Cultural considerations in Australian healthcare
    6. Organisational infection control policies and procedures
    7. Waste minimisation, environmental responsibility and sustainable practice issues
    Appendix A: Australian, State and Territory legislative requirements
    Appendix B: Infection control orientation
    Appendix C: Outbreak management

    • Important coverage of basic microbiology including bacteria, bacterial spores, fungi and viruses
    • Mapped to the following units of competency: HLTIN301C Comply with infection control policies and procedures (HLT12) and HLTINF001 Comply with infection control policies and procedures (HLT15).
    • Spiral-bound text makes it easy for students to carry around in a clinical environment
    • Full-colour charts to give students a visual reference to the material they will encounter in clinical practice
    • Student companion website includes interactive quizzes, web links and examples of medication charts used in the text to help students reinforce concepts and revise for their exams
    For more information about these supplements, or to obtain them, contact your Learning Consultant

    • Liz Shipsey-Eldridge, RN, BN, Masters of Public Health (Health Promotion), Cert IV TAE, Grad Dip Higher Ed, is a senior clinical nurse and educator in Aged Care. She has previously taught both the Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled - Division 2) and the Cert III in Aged Care. In addition, she has worked in adolescent mental health in London and also community based nursing. Furthermore, she has extensive experience in palliative care and is currently conducting an intense palliative care education program in her workplace. Liz is passionate about excellence in patient care in all facets of nursing.

      Janet Kerswell Unnasch, RN, Grad Dip Mental Health (Distinction), Cert IV TAE, is a guest lecturer for the Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education (ICTE-UQ) University of Queensland. She has taught the Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled - Division 2) across on campus, online and distance education settings. She has a passion for 'reaching' students via the written word. Janet is committed to improving the patients' lived experience of palliative and end-of-life care as well as increasing the general public's understanding of mental health conditions and actively reducing stigma experienced by consumers. She has returned to work in industry at this time.