New Perspectives Microsoft® Windows 10: Introductory, Wire Stitched 1st Edition
Lisa Ruffolo
ISBN-13: 9781305579408 | ISBN-10: 1305579402
© 2016 | Published |  104  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781285080918

Binding Format:

Wire Stitched Item(eg stapled)
US $81.95
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Offer your students a unique, critical-thinking approach to mastering Windows 10 concepts and skills with Parsons/Oja/Ruffolo’s NEW PERSPECTIVES MICROSOFT® WINDOWS 10 INTRODUCTORY. In addition to in-depth coverage of essential topics, this book highlights some of the best new features in the Windows 10 Operating System, including Cortana, the new Edge browser, and new search functions.

As part of the acclaimed New Perspectives Series, this book offers proven learning features to help students of all learning styles absorb key information. A dynamic Visual Overview at the beginning of each module gives a graphic overview of content and serves as a study guide for later use. ProSkills Boxes provide information about professional skills that relate to the module’s content and Troubleshoot Exercises let students apply their skills in a critical-thinking setting.

  • Module 1: Exploring the Basics of Microsoft® Windows 10.
    Module 2: Organizing Your Files.

    • DYNAMIC VISUAL OVERVIEW PREVIEWS CONTENT. An engaging two-page spread at the beginning of each module gives students a visual look at the module’s content. This visual summary and preview functions as an effective study guide before quizzes and tests.
    • PROSKILLS BOXES FOCUS ON KEY PROFESSIONAL SKILLS. These helpful boxes highlight information on professional skills that relate to the module’s content. Students master skills related to teamwork, verbal and written communication, and problem solving.
    • CASE-BASED, PROBLEM-SOLVING APPROACH EMPHASIZES PRACTICAL SKILLS. Students gain important hands-on practice in in essential MS Windows 10 skills and concepts as they review intriguing cases and complete meaningful exercises.
    • NEW COVERAGE HIGHLIGHTS INNOVATIVE WINDOWS 10 FEATURES. Detailed, accurate coverage introduces the basics of Windows 10 as well as Cortana, the new Edge browser, and new search functions.
    • NEW BUSINESS CASE SCENARIOS KEEP STUDENTS ENGAGED. These business case scenarios appear throughout the modules and provide a real-world context for students to apply the concepts and skills presented.
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  • Lisa Ruffolo has been a technical writer and editor for over 20 years, with a recent emphasis on operating systems. She also teaches professional development courses in technical writing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is an avid gardener in her free time.