Shelly Cashman Series® Microsoft® Windows 10: Introductory 1st Edition
Steven M. Freund
ISBN-13: 9781305656765 | ISBN-10: 1305656768
© 2016 | Published |  104  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781285168906

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Introduce your students to the latest advancements that Microsoft® Office has to offer with MICROSOFT® WINDOWS 10: INTRODUCTORY –- the new book in today’s generation of acclaimed Shelly Cashman Series® books. For more than three decades, the Shelly Cashman Series® has effectively introduced computer skills to millions of students. MICROSOFT® WINDOWS 10: INTRODUCTORY continues the Series’ strong history of innovation with a hallmark learning approach now enhanced to address the learning styles of today's students. A trademark step-by-step, screen-by-screen approach encourages students to expand their understanding of the Microsoft® Windows 10 operating system through experimentation, exploration, and planning ahead. This new edition offers features and accompanying resources specifically designed to engage students, improve retention, and prepare them for future success.

  • Module 1. Introduction to Windows 10.
    Module 2. Working with the Windows 10 Desktop.

    • PROVEN VISUAL APPROACH ENSURES COMPRHENSION: Enhancements throughout this edition give your students the information they need to know, when they need to know it. Clear step-by-step instructions, a new Q&A feature, and improved call-outs on screenshots reinforce the skills your students are learning.
    • PLAN AHEAD FEATURE PREPARES STUDENTS TO CREATE SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS: This meaningful feature encourages students to think about what they are trying to accomplish before they begin.
    • EXPERIMENTAL STEPS ENGAGE STUDENTS: This unique Experimental Steps feature encourages learners to go beyond step-by-step instructions in order to take full advantage of the features throughout the new Microsoft® Windows 10 operating system.
    • NEW END-OF-CHAPTER EXERCISES EMPHASIZE PROBLEM-SOLVING AND ENCOURAGE EXPERIMENTATION: This edition’s dynamic exercises at the conclusion of each chapter increases students’ retention as they encourage critical and creative thinking.
    • BOOK CLEARLY INTRODUCES ALL KEY ASPECTS OF MS WINDOWS 10: This dynamic introductory text covers important new Windows 10 features, including the new Start Menu, Search box and Cortana.
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  • Steven M. Freund attended the University of Central Florida and serves as a leader instructor of various Microsoft® Office, computer concepts, programming, and Internet technology courses throughout Central Florida. An integral author for the successful Shelly Cashman Series since 2001, he has presented at the annual customer conference, the Shelly Cashman Series Institute, as well as other customer events. Mr. Freund has co-authored multiple editions of DISCOVERING COMPUTERS, Mozilla Firefox, Windows® Internet Explorer, Windows®, Office, and Dreamweaver books. He has also written numerous successful instructor supplements.