Medical Billing 101 2nd Edition
Crystal Clack | Linda Renfroe | Michelle M. Rimmer
ISBN-13: 9781133936817 | ISBN-10: 1133936814
© 2016 | Published |  272  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781418039752

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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Learn the basics of physican-based medical billing with MEDICAL BILLING 101, 2E. Clear and practical guidelines introduce job responsibilities and basic processes in the medical billing world. Case studies and software tools like SimClaim™ CMS-1500 software offer practice on actual forms to build confidence and understanding of the reimbursement process. This easy-to-use guide starts students off on the right path to becoming a medical billing professional.

  • 1.Your Job as a Physician-Based Medical Biller.
    2. Health Insurance and the Identification Card.
    3. The Codes (CPT, HCPCS Level II, ICD-9, ICD-10 and Modifiers).
    4. The Forms (Patient Registration, Superbill, Hospital Sheet).
    5. The ‘Heart’ of Medical Billing: the CMS-1500 Form.
    6. Billing for Office Services and Procedures.
    7. Billing for Inpatient and Nursing Facility Services.
    8. Electronic Claims Submission and Clearinghouses.
    9. EOBs and Payments.
    10. Denials and Appeals.
    11.Maintaining Accounts Receivable, Aging Reports, and Rebilling.
    12.Collections and the State Insurance Commissioner.
    Appendix I: SimClaim Case Studies for the CMS-1500 Form.
    Appendix II: Forms.

    • User-friendly text clearly outlines objectives and highlights key information.
    • Real medical forms such as EOBs, Superbills, and Denied Claims provide hands-on, real-world context that’s essential to mastery of medical billing.
    • Detailed instructions about the revenue cycle and how to complete claim forms make it easy to think like a professional.
    • Critical thinking is enhanced with case studies geared to various billing situation, including physician office visits and inpatient physician services.
    • Application of concepts by working with denied claims and denials that require appeals and review of incorrect claim forms to detect errors.
    • NEW to this Edition Faculty Features:
    • SimClaim™ CMS-1500 form software now completely online with 20 case studies for extra practice.
    • MindTap course available.
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  • Crystal Clack, MS, RHIA, CCS has over twenty year’s experience working in the medical and health information management field. As front office staff, Clack worked in a student health center, to a scheduler, clerk and coder in high volume practices and hospitals. More recently, Clack has worked as a Health Information Management Director and a Coding and Charge Capture Manager where she partnered closely with coding, billing, and revenue cycle processes. Currently, she is doing what she loves and does best: teaching. Clack teaches health information management and coding classes at Lane Community College, Eugene, Oregon and is actively involved as a Director of Education in the Oregon Health Information Management Association.

    Linda Renfroe, RHIT, has spent over 25 years in the Health Information Management field. As a coder, Linda has worked in both large and small hospitals, long term care and home health. Ms. Renfroe gained additional leadership training when working at the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, which opened the door for her to move beyond coding. Ms. Renfroe returned to school to further her career by earning a BA at University of Washington, which enabled her to work as an adjunct instructor at several Seattle-area community colleges teaching medical billing, coding, and medical terminology. In her spare time, Ms. Renfroe works as a volunteer for a nonprofit organization, focusing on teaching young people to be leaders in their community. She has also organized several local teen mission trips and helped others begin tutoring and mentoring sites to help children increase their reading skills.

    Michelle M. Rimmer, Owner, ABA Therapy Billing Services, LLC has over 25 years' experience in the medical billing industry. She has taught numerous courses and seminars at three colleges in the state of New Jersey. Her passion for teaching medical billing led to the fruition of Michelle's first textbook, Medical Billing 101.