Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology 4th Edition
Dr. Donald C. Rizzo
ISBN-13: 9781285174150 | ISBN-10: 1285174151
© 2016 | Published |  576  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781435438712

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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Packed with vivid illustrations and a wealth of hands-on applications, best-selling FUNDAMENTALS OF ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY, 4E is written specifically for learners in a one-semester introductory A&P course in the allied health field who have little or no previous knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Known for its clear approach to teaching, the text is widely praised for its ability to break A&P down into very simple, easy to understand language. Content is organized according to body systems and focuses on the body working together to promote homeostasis. Chapters are self-contained so instructors can teach in any order preferred. Improving both the quality and quantity of text illustrations, the Fourth Edition's new art program brings text concepts to life with new figures throughout. Designed specifically for the needs of health care programs, the all-new Learning Lab's interactive simulation program helps students maximize their learning potential.

  • Preface.
    1. The Human Body.
    2. The Chemistry of Life.
    3. Cell Structure.
    4. Cellular Metabolism and Reproduction: Mitosis and Meiosis.
    5. Tissues.
    6. The Integumentary System.
    7. The Skeletal System.
    8. The Articular System.
    9. The Muscular System.
    10. The Nervous System: Introduction, Spinal Cord, and Spinal Nerves.
    11. The Nervous System: The Brain, Cranial Nerves, Autonomic Nervous System, and the Special Senses.
    12. The Endocrine System.
    13. The Blood.
    14. The Cardiovascular System.
    15. The Lymphatic System.
    16. Nutrition and the Digestive System.
    17. The Respiratory System.
    18. The Urinary System.
    19. The Reproductive System.

    • Health Alert and Common Disease, Disorder, or Condition boxes help learners relate concepts to clinical practice.
    • Concept Maps for body system chapters illustrate the connections between anatomy and physiology of the organs of each body system.
    • Body Systems Working Together to Maintain Homeostasis helps learners see integration of separate systems into one body.
    • Written specifically for health care students, this text presents even the most complex topics in simple, easy-to-understand language to ensure thorough student understanding. The text presumes no prior knowledge of biology or chemistry—making it ideal for career college, high school and continuing education settings.
    • Giving students a real-world connection to chapter concepts, the Search and Explore feature goes beyond the textbook to expand the learning experience with key word Internet searches, suggested websites with related activities, and brief human interest projects that add a personal element to assignments.
    • Case Studies are included in each body system chapter to encourage hands-on application of concepts learned, promote critical thinking, and facilitate discussion.
    • The Study Guide Practice feature directs readers to even more learning tools, including practice questions, labeling and coloring exercises, and crossword puzzles.
    • Integrated throughout, exciting new art program expands and enhances the text's anatomy and disease illustrations. New art figures include a labeled cross section of a hair and hair follicle; osteoblasts cells producing ossification in cartilage, intramembranous ossification, inferior view of skull bones, syndesmosis joint, synchondroses joint, bi-polar neuron, Schwann cell producing a fatty myelin sheath outside of the central nervous system, oligodendrocyte producing a fatty myelin sheath on axons in the central nervous system, superficial muscles of the body, a vein with valves, cardiac cycle, the role of vitamins in the body, and much more.
    • New photos of actual human bones in Chapters 7 and 8 are paired side-by-side with illustrations. Students observe details of bone structure in the illustrations, and are then able to compare with photos of actual bones.
    • Providing personal, hands-on experience with chapter concepts, the all-new Learning Lab offers students a strong, interactive simulation environment in which to learn—as opposed to just reading off a page.
    • A new Applied ICD-10 workbook equips coding students with the more in-depth and applied knowledge of A&P that the coding market now requires.
    • Reflecting the latest research and practices available, the Fourth Edition includes new discussions of such topics as Progeria, vertigo, cerebral circulation, updated MyPlate dietary guidelines, and much more.
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  • Donald C. Rizzo is professor emeritus at Marygrove College in Detroit, Michigan, where he taught Human Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology. He also taught Biology II: The Unity and Diversity of Life, Principles of Biology, Parasitology, Zoology, and Botany. He conducted biological fieldwork around the globe. Dr. Rizzo began his teaching career at Marygrove College in 1974 and served as chairperson of the Science and Mathematics department from 1975—2006. His numerous awards include the 2010 Marygrove College Presidential Award for Service, the 2009 Marygrove College Presidential Award for Scholarship, 2006 Marygrove College Presidential Award for Teaching, 1992 Marygrove College Teacher Scholar Award and the 1990 Sears Roebuck Foundation Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Award. Dr. Rizzo has published in the JOURNAL OF INVERTEBRATE PATHOLOGY and coauthored a computerized test bank for medical terminology. Along with two colleagues, he has presented at national and international conferences on the interdisciplinary service learning course "HIV/AIDS: Its Biological and Social Impact." In addition, he incorporates service learning into all the courses he teaches. Dr. Rizzo received his B.A. in biology and education in 1968 from Boston State College (now the University of Massachusetts at Boston), his M.S. in 1970 and his Ph.D. in 1973 from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.