Classic Readings in Cultural Anthropology 4th Edition
Gary Ferraro
ISBN-13: 9781285738505 | ISBN-10: 1285738500
© 2016 | Published |  144  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781111297923

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Practical and insightful, CLASSIC READINGS IN CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY is a concise and accessible reader that presents a core selection of historical and contemporary works. Carefully edited by established author Dr. Gary Ferraro, this edition includes four new classic readings. Readings are organized around eight topics that closely mirror most introductory textbooks and are selected from scholarly works on the basis of their enduring themes and contributions to the discipline. These eminently relevant selections allow students to further explore anthropological perspectives on such key topics as culture; language and communication; ecology and economics; marriage and family; gender; politics and social control; supernatural beliefs; and issues of culture change. The text also addresses pressing topics such as globalization, ethnic violence, and environmental issues. CLASSIC READINGS IN CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY, Fourth Edition, delivers an excellent introduction to the field of anthropology and the contributions it makes to understanding the world around us.

  • 1. Perspectives on Culture
    2. Language and Communication
    3. Economics and Ecology
    4. Marriage and the Family
    5. Gender
    6. Politics and Social Control
    7. Supernatural Beliefs
    8. Culture Change

    • The fourth edition features new articles on Perspectives on Culture, Politics and Social Control, Supernatural Beliefs, and Culture Change.
    • The book begins with an introduction to the field of cultural anthropology and the contributions made to research, followed by readings grouped under eight key concept areas taught in the introductory course: Perspectives on Culture; Language and Communication; Economics and Ecology; Marriage and the Family; Gender; Politics and Social Control; Supernatural Beliefs; and Culture Change.
    • Articles include a brief introduction written by Dr. Ferraro to present the reading/author and identify key issues raised, and conclude with discussion questions, and Internet resources and exercises.
    • Serving as a guide to using the classic readings, a quick-reference grid highlights which readings are relevant to key topic areas typically taught in cultural anthropology.
    • The fourth edition features new articles on Perspectives on Culture, Politics and Social Control, Supernatural Beliefs, and Culture Change.
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  • Gary Ferraro is an applied anthropologist who conducted research for extended periods of time in Kenya and Swaziland. He has served as a consultant/cross-cultural trainer for large organizations (USAID, the Peace Corps, the World Bank) and large international corporations such as IBM and G.E. Plastics. He currently works with businesses to help them cope with cultural differences at home and abroad.