Biodiversity: Nature Conservation in the Greening of Singapore 1st Edition
The Centre for Liveable Cities, Singapore (CLC) | National Parks Board (NParks)
ISBN-13: 9789814609692 | ISBN-10: 9814609692
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In a small city-state where land is considered a scarce resource, the tension between urban development and biodiversity conservation, which often involves protecting areas of forest from being cleared for development, has always been present. In the years immediately after independence, the Singapore government was more focused on bread-and-butter issues. Biodiversity conservation was generally not high on its list of priorities. More recently, however, the issue of biodiversity conservation has become more prominent in Singapore, both for the government and its citizens. This has predominantly been influenced by regional and international events and trends which have increasingly emphasised the need for countries to show that they are being responsible global citizens in the area of environmental protection. This study documents the evolution of Singapore’s biodiversity conservation efforts and the on-going paradigm shifts in biodiversity conservation as Singapore moves from a Garden City to a City in a Garden.

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    1. Introduction
    2. Biodiversity and Liveability in Singapore
    3. Biodiversity Conservation in Pre-Independent Singapore
    4. The Early Approach to Biodiversity Conservation in Singapore, Post-Independence
    5. A New Era of Conservation
    6. Future Directions and Challenges
    7. Biodiversity Conservation — Planning and Governance Lessons
    8. Conclusion

    • Uses the CLC Framework for Liveable and Sustainable Cities to examine how Singapore has responded to a complex urban challenge
    • Traces the evolution of Singapore’s efforts at biodiversity conservation, from early challenges faced in balancing priorities after independence, to a new era of conservation from the 1990s
    • Highlights the principles that allowed for and supported the shift towards greater prioritisation of biodiversity conservation
    • Shares insights from key policy makers and civil society groups on Singapore’s biodiversity conservation efforts
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    • The Centre for Liveable Cities, Singapore (CLC) was set up in 2008 based on a strategic blueprint developed by Singapore’s Inter-Ministerial Committee on Sustainable Development. The Centre’s mission is to distil, create and share knowledge on liveable and sustainable cities. CLC distils key learning points from Singapore’s experiences over the last half-century, while creating knowledge to address emerging challenges. It also shares knowledge with, and learns from, other cities and experts.

      National Parks Board (NParks) is responsible for providing and enhancing the greenery of our City in a Garden. Beyond building green infrastructure, NParks is actively engaging the community to enhance the quality of our living environment. As the lead agency on biodiversity conservation, NParks has developed an urban biodiversity conservation model, which aims to conserve representative eco-systems in land-scarce Singapore. NParks also monitors and coordinates measures to enhance the presence of biodiversity in our urban landscape.