Systems Architecture 7th Edition
Stephen D. Burd
ISBN-13: 9781305080195 | ISBN-10: 130508019X
© 2016 | Published |  656  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780538475334

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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Give your students one of the most comprehensive introductions to information systems hardware and software in business today with Burd’s SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURE, 7E. This new edition remains an indispensable tool for IS (Information Systems) students with its managerial, broad systems perspective that provides a holistic approach to systems architecture. This edition has been thoroughly updated to ensure your course reflects the latest in new and emerging technologies.

  • 1. Computer Technology: Your Need to Know.
    2. Introduction to Systems Architecture.
    3. Data Representation.
    4. Processor Technology and Architecture.
    5. Data Storage Technology.
    6. System Integration and Performance.
    7. Input/Output Technology.
    8. Data and Network Communication Technology.
    9. Computer Networks.
    10. Application Development.
    11. Operating Systems.
    12. Secondary Storage Management.
    13. Internet and Distributed Application Services.
    14. System Administration.
    Appendix: Measurement Units.

    • THIS BOOK’S LEVEL OF COVERAGE IS IDEAL FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS (IS) MAJORS. All content is designed to give students majoring in information systems the appropriate level and coverage of technical topics needed for ongoing professional success.
    • BOOK EMPHASIZES A MANAGERIAL, BROAD SYSTEMS PERSPECTIVE. The author presents background material in simple terms while providing a holistic approach to both hardware and software.
    • BUSINESS FOCUS AND TECHNICAL FOCUS SECTIONS PROVIDE CONCRETE EXAMPLES. These dynamic features in each chapter place special focus on current technologies and related managerial issues.
    • COMPREHENSIVE STUDENT SUPPORT WEB SITE REINFORCES LEARNING EXPERIENCE. This author-directed student web site ( provides answers to end-of-chapter activities as well as a hyperlinked glossary and research links for more in-depth study.
    • UPDATES ADDRESS THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY CHANGES AND DEVELOPMENTS IN THE FIELD. Teach from the most recent technology developments with updates throughout this edition that reflect changes in tablet computers, smart devices, touch screens, and solid-state and hybrid drives. Students also study the latest Web applications, Web services, cloud-based storage, as well as the newest bus and networking standards.
    • NUMEROUS UPDATED FIGURES REINFORCE STUDENT UNDERSTANDING OF TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENTS. Appealing, clear images replace line drawings from previous editions for many of this edition’s explanatory figures.
    • MORE DETAILED, CHALLENGING CONCEPTS NOW APPEAR IN LATER CHAPTERS. To clarify this edition’s presentation, some of the book’s more detailed topics are now relocated from Chapter 2 to later chapters in the book.
    • REVISED END-OF-CHAPTER EXERCISES PROVIDE TIMELY HANDS-ON PRACTICE. Fresh end-of-chapter activities now reflect the advancements and other changes in this edition.
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  • Dr. Stephen Burd is an Associate Professor at the University of New Mexico, where he has been teaching courses in management information systems, networks, databases, and hardware/software since 1984. The author of more than seven top-selling textbooks for Course Technology and Cengage Learning, Dr. Burd brings significant strengths and industry knowledge to this text. He received his B.B.A. and M.B.A. from the University of Baltimore and his Ph.D. from Purdue University.