Information Technology for Managers 2nd Edition
George Reynolds
ISBN-13: 9781305389830 | ISBN-10: 1305389832
© 2016 | Published |  400  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781423901693

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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Give future managers the solid understanding they need to successfully oversee today's information systems with Reynold’s INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR MANAGERS, 2E. Written specifically for managers with little or no formal information technology training or expertise, this trusted text details the significant business implications of today’s information technology. The author incorporates a wealth of actual, contemporary examples to clearly illustrate how managers can apply information technology to improve and strengthen their organizations. A new chapter on IT security, hands-on scenarios, as well as numerous text- and web-based cases provide opportunities for future managers to apply what they are learning. The book’s logical framework helps managers understand the importance of their roles in guiding information technology and working effectively with all members of their organizations to achieve results.

  • 1. Managers: Key to Information Technology Results.
    2. Strategic Planning.
    3. Project Management.
    4. Business Process and IT Outsourcing.
    5. Corporate and IT Governance.
    6. Collaboration Tools.
    7. E-Commerce.
    8. Enterprise Systems.
    9. Business Intelligence and Big Data.
    10. Knowledge Management.
    11. Cybercrime and IT Security.
    12. Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues of IT.

    • EXTENSIVE USE OF ACTUAL EXAMPLES CLEARLY ILLUSTRATES CONCEPTS IN ACTION. The author’s unique use of memorable, real examples from today’s organizations and individuals helps maintain reader interest and demonstrates the practical use of the concepts students are learning.
    • VARIETY OF END-OF-CHAPTER FEATURES PROMPT INTERACTIVE LEARNING AND CHALLENGE COMPREHENSION. A comprehensive set of proven end-of-chapter features and hands-on activities promote lively classroom discussions and offer numerous opportunities for meaningful learning and practical assignments.
    • EXTENSIVE UPDATES AND IMPROVEMENTS IN EACH CHAPTER REFLECT THE LATEST ADVANCEMENTS IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS. This edition provides the latest information available on a wide range of emerging IS-related topics. More than 200 new and current examples of organizations and individuals clearly illustrate the concepts presented in the text.
    • NEW CHAPTER ON IT SECURITY ADDRESSES THIS AREA OF TREMENDOUS IMPORTANCE IN INFORMATION SYSTEM TODAY. An entirely new chapter (Ch. 12) devoted to coverage of IT security provides a fundamental understanding of this emerging area that is so critical in IT planning and implementation today.
    • NEW "WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" BRIEF SCENARIOS CHALLENGE READERS TO APPLY CHAPTER CONCEPTS. Three brand-new concise scenarios, interspersed throughout each chapter, encourage the reader to apply concepts to an actual real-world situation. You can assign these scenarios as homework, quizzes, or simply use them to generate lively, thought-provoking class discussion.
    • NEW OPENING VIGNETTES AND END-OF-CHAPTER CASES EXPLORE INTRIGUING IT TOPICS. Each chapter opens with an entirely new fascinating vignette and end-of-chapter case that further examines the vital issues and concepts discussed in the chapter. Students can work on these on their own and within group settings.
    • NEW WEB-BASED CASES PROMPT TIMELY RESEARCH TO RESOLVE ACTUAL IT ISSUES. An all-new Web-based case in each chapter encourages the student to conduct independent research to recommend an appropriate course of action to resolve an actual IT or business challenge.
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  • Professor George Reynolds brings a wealth of business, teaching, and writing experience to this book. His successful business career spans four decades of working in government, institutional, and business IS organizations. Professor Reynolds combines this business and industry experience with exceptional teaching skills to deliver a text that is both practical and focused on the needs of today's student. Professor Reynolds has taught IS at the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University (Ohio), Miami University (Ohio), the College of Mount St. Joseph, and Strayer University. He has held positions at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, Texas; the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California; and Procter & Gamble and Atos IT Services in Cincinnati, Ohio. Professor Reynolds has authored more than two dozen popular textbooks addressing various aspects of today’s information technology and business.