Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2017 8th Edition
Diane Zak
Programming with Microsoft® Visual Basic® 2015 7th Edition
Diane Zak
ISBN-13: 9781285860268 | ISBN-10: 1285860268
© 2016 | Published |  928  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781285077925

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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Teach your students to master the basics of effective programming as they work through Visual Basic 2015’s latest features with the wealth of hands-on applications in this book's engaging real-world setting. PROGRAMMING WITH MICROSOFT® VISUAL BASIC® 2015, 7E by best-selling author Diane Zak is an ideal choice for your introduction to programming course. New hands-on applications, timely examples, and practical exercises address your students’ varied learning styles.

This edition’s dynamic visual presentation, step-by-step tutorials, and strategically placed activity boxes help even students with no prior programming experience learn how to effectively plan and create interactive Visual Basic 2015 applications. This edition places particular emphasis on GUI design skills and responsive design. Find the tools you need to prepare the next generation of developers with this comprehensive book.

  • Overview. An Introduction to Programming.
    1. An Introduction to Visual Basic 2015.
    2. Designing Applications.
    3. Using Variables and Constants.
    4. The Selection Structure.
    5. More on the Selection Structure.
    6. The Repetition Structure.
    7. Sub and Function Procedures.
    8. String Manipulation.
    9. Arrays.
    10. Structures and Sequential Access Files.
    11. Classes and Objects.
    12. Web Applications.
    13. Working with Access Databases and LINQ.
    14. Access Databases and SQL.
    Appendix A: Finding and Fixing Program Errors.
    Appendix B: GUI Design Guidelines.
    Appendix C: Visual Basic Conversion Functions.
    Appendix D: Visual Basic 2015 Cheat Sheet.
    Appendix E: Case Projects.
    Appendix F (online): Multiple Forms and Dialogs.

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    • Prolific author and respected professional, Diane Zak continues to provide an inspiring and uncomplicated learning experience for students through her widely popular programming books. Recognized for their unique, readable, and friendly style, each book reflects Zak's knowledge of student needs and her extensive understanding of computer programming and its use in business today. Each book is carefully crafted with the modern student in mind. Diane Zak holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems, a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, and a Master of Arts degree in Adult and Continuing Education. She has taught at various computer training centers and most recently served as professor at College of DuPage in Illinois.