Team Building: One Hour Workshop 1st Edition
Carol Silvis
ISBN-13: 9781305509917 | ISBN-10: 1305509919
© 2016 | Published |  112  Pages

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In today’s workplace, the ability to work well with others is critical. Understanding what is required to make a team work and how to communicate and cooperate with others is a highly valued skill. If you are part of a team at work, or are tasked with organizing or leading a team, TEAM BUILDING: ONE HOUR WORKSHOP can help you pull the participants together, keep your projects moving forward, and find success. In this book you will find tips and techniques for building successful teams. Topics covered include creating teams, team roles, team communication, making decisions and problem-solving. You will learn how to direct a team and keep it on point, guiding team members as they learn to set goals, build trust, solve problems, deal with diversity, and more. Learn to work with teams, stay focused, and get the job done well with TEAM BUILDING: ONE HOUR WORKSHOP.

  • Introduction.
    1. Teams in the Workplace.
    2. Organizing the Team.
    3. Team roles and goals.
    4. Culture, Competition, Cooperation, and Communication.
    5. Motivating Team Members.
    6. The Leader/Facilitator Role.
    7. Making Group Decisions and Negotiating.
    8. Solving Problems.
    9. Handling Conflict.
    10. Empowering Teams.
    11. Team Building Exercises.

    • Includes help for organizing teams and establishing roles and goals.
    • Covers how to understand and motivate team members.
    • Covers problem solving, handling conflict, and more.
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    • Carol Silvis is the author of 101 Ways to Connect with Customers, Chiefs, and Co-Workers, Job Hunting After 50, 101 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable at Work, and college textbooks 100% Externship Success and General Office Procedures. Other publications include "Time Management and Organization for Writers" (2012 Writers Market), a dozen creative non-fiction stories and inspirational pieces published in national magazines, and over 40 articles published in various newsletters. Ms. Silvis has a master’s degree in education and has trained adults in how to get a job, keep and enjoy it, and advance on the job. She teaches part time at Penn State’s New Kensington campus and leads workshops and seminars for schools, businesses, professional organizations, and libraries on job hunting, resume preparation, customer service, stress management, telephone techniques, human relations/teamwork, communication, writing, and time management/organization. She is the president of Pennwriters, a 400+- member writing group. She won the 2008 Meritorious Service Award, was past VP and Authors’ Advocate, and was the 2005 and 2007 Conference Coordinator.