C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design 5th Edition
Barbara Doyle
ISBN-13: 9781285856872 | ISBN-10: 1285856872
© 2016 | Published |  1088  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781285096261

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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Give your students who are new to C# programming a balanced blend of programming principles and concepts and hands-on coding skills to create a strong professional foundation when you use the latest edition of respected author Barbara Doyle’s C# PROGRAMMING: FROM PROBLEM ANALYSIS TO PROGRAM DESIGN. Plain and simple vocabulary make it easy for readers to grasp new programming concepts without distraction. This edition incorporates engaging new examples to introduce a variety of fundamental programming concepts, from data types and expressions to arrays and collections, all using the latest version of today’s popular C# language. New programming exercises and numbered examples throughout this edition reflect the latest updates in Visual Studio® 2015 and C# 6.0, while learning objectives, case studies, and Coding Standards summaries in each chapter give your students the knowledge and tools they need to demonstrate mastery.

  • 1. Introduction to Computing and Programming.
    2. Data Types and Expressions.
    3. Methods and Behaviors.
    4. Creating Your Own Classes.
    5. Making Decisions.
    6. Repeating Instructions.
    7. Arrays.
    8. Advanced Collections.
    9. Introduction to Windows Programming.
    10. Programming Based on Events.
    11. Advanced Object-Oriented Programming Features.
    12. Debugging and Handling Exceptions.
    13. Working with Files.
    14. Working with Databases.
    15. Web-Based Applications.
    Appendix A: Visual Studio Configuration.
    Appendix B: Code Editor Tools.
    Appendix C: Character Sets.
    Appendix D: Operator Precedence.
    Appendix E: C# Keywords.

    • EXTENSIVE EXAMPLES AND ABUNDANT HANDS-ON PRACTICE EFFECTIVELY REINFORCE CONCEPTS. This edition provides a wealth of engaging examples as well as a variety of meaningful exercises to fortify the reader's understanding of important programming and C# concepts.
    • A LARGE NUMBER OF PROGRAMMING PROJECTS PER CHAPTER OFFER VALUABLE HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE. This edition effectively balances hands-on practice with solid programming concepts and principles. Each chapter offers a minimum of 10 programming projects that you can assign in addition to the chapter's objective-style review questions.
    • UP-TO-DATE, THOROUGH COVERAGE HIGHLIGHTS NEW AND KEY FEATURES OF C#. Students gain a solid understanding of C# while building a strong foundation for programming in other languages as they follow the book's meaningful discussion of dynamic data types and other important C# features.
    • RESOURCES AND CONTENT FOCUS ON YOUR NEEDS AS AN INSTRUCTOR. This principles-based book enables you to offer students both a solid foundation and a deeper understanding of programming using C#. Students can easily apply their knowledge of concepts learned here to other programming languages. Comprehensive instructor resources accompanying the book, including PowerPoint® slides, an instructor’s manual, and Cognero® test banks, provide time-saving tools you need to effectively guide today's learners.
    • LEARNING OBJECTIVES AT THE START OF EACH CHAPTER AND CASE STUDIES AT THE END OF CHAPTERS REINFORCE IMPORTANT CONCEPTS. This text offers a straight-forward, principle-driven approach that is ideal for both novices and programmers with experience in other languages. Clear learning objectives combine with uncomplicated language to facilitate understanding, while case studies and more advanced topics ensure the depth of coverage needed for programming success.
    • CODING STANDARDS IN EACH CHAPTER PROVIDE QUICK REFERENCE TO TODAY'S CONVENTIONS AND STYLE GUIDELINES. A convenient, invaluable Coding Standards summary in each chapter details the conventions or style guidelines related to that chapter's topics.
    • ADVANCED TOPICS ENSURE THIS EDITION IS IDEAL FOR EXPERIENCED AS WELL AS INTRODUCTORY LEARNERS. This unique book extends learning beyond traditional programming texts to present more advanced topics that ensure students are well-equipped for today's business world. While this edition assumes no prior programming knowledge, coverage explores a number of advanced software topics, including using ADO.NET for database integration and ASP.NET to design web-based applications.
    • UPDATES THROUGHOUT THIS EDITION CLEARLY ILLUSTRATE THE LATEST FEATURES OF THE NEW VISUAL STUDIO® 2015 USER INTERFACE. Fully updated coverage and new figures throughout this edition effectively demonstrate all aspects of the Visual Studio® 2015 UI, while a special appendix highlights the new Code Editor User Interface Tools. The author employs the latest version of the C# language (6.0) to introduce a variety of basic programming concepts, from data types and expressions to arrays and collections.
    • REVISED EXAMPLES HIGHLIGHT NEW C# 6.0 FEATURES. To give students a broad understanding of the programming principles they need to succeed professionally, the author has updated this edition’s examples to illustrate new features, such as auto-property initializers, filtering exceptions, and adding using clauses for static classes to bring static members directly into scope. This edition introduces these principles early and then reinforces them throughout the book, using engaging examples, meaningful projects, and practical programming exercises throughout the entire text.
    • EXTENSIVE NUMBERED EXAMPLES ILLUSTRATING CONCEPTS REFLECT C# 6.0 FEATURES. This edition's large selection of numbered examples in each chapter effectively illustrate concepts using the latest Visual Studio® 2015 software. Numerous chapter examples offer additional learning features and updated examples designed to reinforce today's best practice for object-oriented development.
    • NEW PROGRAMMING EXERCISES PROVIDE PRACTICE WITH VISUAL STUDIO® 2015. Redesigned programming exercises at the end of each chapter provide important opportunities for readers to apply the principles they're learned using Visual Studio® 2015. Solutions to all end-of-chapter exercises are available for your quick reference on the book’s companion website.
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  • Distinguished author Dr. Barbara Doyle has been teaching introductory programming courses for more than 25 years. She received her Ph.D. from Florida Institute of Technology in 1991 and shortly after joined the faculty at Jacksonville University. She currently chairs the CS Department, where they prepare majors in Computing Science and Information Systems. Ms. Doyle teaches the CS1 and CS2 courses using the C# programming language. She has been very involved with ABET-CAC, the Computer Science accreditation board, chairing more than a dozen accreditation teams. In 2009 she was elected to a five-year ABET-CAC commissioner appointment and currently volunteers as a training support facilitator.