Oracle 12c: SQL 3rd Edition
Joan Casteel
ISBN-13: 9781305251038 | ISBN-10: 1305251032
© 2016 | Published |  608  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781439041284

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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Introduce your students to the latest version of the fundamental SQL language used in all relational databases today with Casteel’s ORACLE 12C: SQL, 3E. Much more than a study guide, this edition helps you teach those who have only a basic knowledge of databases how to master the latest SQL and Oracle concepts and techniques. Students gain a strong understanding of how to use Oracle 12c SQL most effectively as they prepare for the first exam in the Oracle Database Administrator or Oracle Developer Certification Exam paths.

This edition initially focuses on creating database objects, including tables, constraints, indexes, sequences, manipulating data, and more. The author then explores data query techniques, such as row filtering, joins, single-row functions, aggregate functions, subqueries, and views, as well as advanced query topics. ORACLE 12C: SQL, 3E introduces the latest features and enhancements in 12c, from enhanced data types and invisible columns to new CROSS and OUTER APPLY methods for joins.To help students transition to further studies, appendixes introduce SQL tuning, compare Oracle's SQL syntax with other databases, and overview Oracle connection interface tools: SQL Developer and SQL Plus.

Trust ORACLE 12C: SQL, 3E to provide the knowledge students need for Oracle certification testing and the solid foundation for pursuing careers as a database administrator or developer.

  • 1. Overview of Database Concepts.
    2. Basic SQL SELECT Statements.
    3. Table Creation and Management.
    4. Constraints.
    5. Data Manipulation and Transaction Control.
    6. Additional Database Objects.
    7. User Creation and Management.
    8. Restricting Rows and Sorting Data.
    9. Joining Data from Multiple Tables.
    10. Selected Single-Row Functions.
    11. Group Functions.
    12. Subqueries and MERGE Statements.
    Appendix A: Tables for the Just Lee Books Database.
    Appendix B: SQL*Plus and SQL Developer Overview.
    Appendix C: Oracle Resources.
    Appendix D: SQL*Loader.
    Appendix E: SQL Tuning Topics.
    Appendix F: SQL in Various Databases.

    • EXTENDED HANDS-ON PRACTICE UTILIZES TWO DIFFERENT DATABASES FOR CHALLENGING ASSISGNMENTS. Students have opportunities for extensive practice and to test their understanding using the databases available with the book.
    • BOOK OFFERS NUMEROUS OPTIONS TO ACCESS ORACLE SOFTWARE. Oracle Academy program for colleges includes a hosted Application Express lab environment supporting SQL and PL/SQL. Students can request a free development Application Express workspace on the Oracle web site. Students can download Oracle software on the Oracle web site designed for student use at no cost. Your institution can use your own Oracle server installation to create student accounts for Oracle access or can use VMware to make an installation of Oracle available to students.
    • CONTENT MAPS TO THE ORACLE CERTIFICATION EXAMS 1Z0-051 AND 1Z0-061. You can help students perform their best on the Oracle Database with the specific content they need to master -- whether they are taking the latest Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals version of the exam (1Z0-061) or the 11g version of the SQL Fundamentals exam (1Z0-051).
    • THIS EDITION PRESENTS MOST TOPICS IN ORACLE DATABASE SQL EXPERT EXAM1Z0-047. This edition lays the foundation to start preparing your students for success on the industry-recognized Oracle Database SQL Expert certification.
    • CLEAR CODING EXAMPLES WITH ASSOCIATED RESULTS DEMONSTRATE CHAPTER CONCEPTS. Students see the practical, hands-on application and value of the topics introduced in each chapter.
    • WELL-ORGANIZED PRESENTATION EMPHASIZES EARLY UNDERSTANDING OF DATABASE OBJECTS AND DESIGN. To ensure a logical approach to learning, the author provides a structural understanding of database objects and design prior to exploring the many query options.
    • THOROUGH COVERAGE EXPLAINS BOTH ANSI AND TRADITIONAL JOIN METHODS. Students learn the advantages of each method and have the flexibility to work with either when utilizing Oracle 12c.
    • HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES HELP REINFORCE ORACLE 12G SQL SKILLS. Proven review questions, assignments, and case projects at the end of each chapter provide important practice in using Oracle 12c SQL skills.
    • NEW COVERAGE EXPLAINS EXTENDED DATA TYPES IN Ch.3. Students learn the advantages of extended data types and how to control the functionality of this new feature introduced in Oracle 12c.
    • NUMEROUS NEW ORACLE 12C FEATURES ARE HIGHLIGHTED AND THOROUGHLY EXPLAINED. Students learn to use the new invisible columns in Ch. 3, new default column value option for NULL values in Ch. 5, new identity columns in Ch. 6, and default column value option to use a sequence in Ch. 6.
    • STUDENTS LEARN TO MAXIMIZE NEW ENHANCEMENTS IN ORACLE 12C. This edition presents Oracle 12c changes and improvements throughout, emphasizing how to best use features, such as the enhancement to native left outer join, addressed in Ch.9, and the new pattern_matching_clause in Ch. 11 that demonstrates how Oracle can now easily recognize patterns found across multiple rows. In addition, this edition covers the use of WITH clause versus Subquery in Ch. 12; Top-N-Query enhancements in Ch. 13; and using the new Oracle 12c extensions, CROSS and OUTER APPLY methods for joins, in Ch. 13.
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  • Joan E. Casteel combines more than 15 years of hands-on experience in application development in various business environments with strong teaching skills to clarify important application and software concepts for today's readers. An award-winning instructor, Ms. Casteel serves as associate professor of information technology and business at Tidewater Community College, where she has been an integral part of the Database Specialist curriculum. She has joined a newly formed team at the college in charge of building a campus ID card program to encompass four campuses, using a recently deployed Oracle-based system. In addition the team is developing new Oracle APEX applications to improve college-wide financial services support.

    Ms. Casteel has been recognized by her colleagues for her professional accomplishments, including creating an Oracle virtual machine image for students and handling recruitment efforts for database specialist career studies. Ms. Casteel is the author of two successful books on Oracle from Course Technology, part of Cengage Learning, covering SQL and PL/SQL which serve as the introductory course sequence in the college’s database career path.